Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gala Night of Notre Dame de Paris

I made my way to the MASTERCARD Theatres for the Gala Night of Notre Dame de Paris.

Taking the world by storm since its debut in France in 1998, the musical spectacular Notre Dame de Paris is based on the author of Les Misérables, Victor Hugo's classic novel. It is a tragic love story of the Hunchback Quasimodo’s unrequited love for the beautiful gypsy girl, Esmeralda.

I was given a pair of STALL-SEAT tickets and I was in for a treat.

This lovely musical is supported by a fantastic score that places emphasis on emotional melodies, and the soundtrack has sold more than ten million copies worldwide.

The show promises acrobatic contemporary dance choreography and beautiful melodies, and the setting back-drop features a 12-metre high ‘climbing wall’ representing the façade of the Grand Cathedral of Notre Dame as well as the famous Bastille Prison in Paris.

The staging of this musical is so spectacular that it brought back my fond memories of when I visited the actual Notre Dame de Paris way back in 2011 during my London-Paris holiday.

The show is a hit and miss affair, and although this musical is kinda draggy, but the music is excellent. Each song was sung beautifully in the musical, and I found myself enjoying the music scores more than the storyline.

I was entertained by the musical scores in Notre Dame de Paris very much. 'Age of the Cathedrals' and 'Dance my Esmeralda' stood out among all and they are my favorites!!

I had the pleasure to attend the Gala Night of Notre Dame de Paris all thanks to Base Entertainment Asia, and lastly don’t miss out on the Singapore debut of this Victor Hugo classic. I truly enjoyed the fantastic scores and fully admire the spectacular stage setting. I had a blast night too with the amazing acrobatic dance choreography.

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