[part 2] Activities during my Subang Trip

During my trip to Subang (PJS), I visited Bubba Gump Shrimp Co which is located at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, and it was said to be the largest outlet in South East Asia.

I was first introduced to this eatery place way back in 2006 during my holiday to Hong Kong. It was a good feeling to re-visit this food joint again…

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is a seafood restaurant chains in the United States, and was inspired by 1994 film, Forrest Gump. The first restaurant was opened in 1996 in California. 

Upon seated, we were greeted by 2 metal plating on the table, showing RUN FORREST RUN in blue or STOP FORREST STOP in red.

If you place the metal plating as RUN FORREST RUN, the waiters will not stop by your table as you do not need assistance or any requests from them. Alternatively, if it is show as STOP FORREST STOP, they will stop by your table as you need attention from them.

Cajun Shrimp with Garlic Bread
The garlic bread was toasted to perfection with a hint of cheese, and the sautéed shrimps were tasted awesome with Cajun sauce.

The Dippin’ Broth was pretty light and I love the soup very much.

We also ordered the Net catch of the Day (300G of Shrimps)
The shrimps were served in a metal bucket of cajun/garlic sauce, and waiter will pour them out in front of us before serving. The bucket came useful when de-shelling the shrimps.

The damage was RM143-ish (SGD56) which included a sparkler drink and a beer.

Jess Baby sat on the famous bench of Forrest Gump.

The re-opening of Kampachi by Equatorial is currently located at Plaza@Jaya33.

We went for the Sunday Buffet and the spread was splendid.

This is the best Japanese buffet I ever have, and when I thought Kushinbo is good but now I feel that Kampachi is far way better.

Teppanyaki is also available in the buffet spread. I love the mouth-watering grilled beef with the crispy garlic chips. OM!! The Grilled Beef tasted so good that made me asking for more.

I love the Mocha very much!! Each piece of warmed Mochi is coated with peanuts and it simply melted in my mouth… 

Thanks Jayne for the lovely buffet treat, and you are such a nice host indeed!

Dinner at Madam Kwan’s which is located at the Empire Shopping Gallery (ESG). I didn’t try it in Singapore as I think it is way too much to pay for local Malaysian cuisine. In short, it is OVER-RATED.

Upon looking at the menu, I was shocked to see the prices stated are exactly the same price in Singapore and now I am paying in ringgit instead.

Madam Kwan’s offers a wide range of Malaysian delight as well as food entrée from Indonesia.

I had the Nasi Bojari as my main course, as this dish was said to be meant for the Royalty. The colored rice was fragrance and tasted divine. I love the assam prawn and the chicken was well marinated.

Baby had Ipoh Hor Fun, and personally I felt it tasted pretty normal, nothing to shout about. 

The damage was RM60-ish (SGD23-ish) which 2 Chinese tea by the pot. 

We are already stepping into the month of December and this shows that Christmas is around the corner, so during my stay in Subang (PJS), I was part of the yearly activity and that is to beautify the X’mast tree...

There were many ornaments available to pick and choose to decorate the tree...

I was full of thrill as I can feel that the Christmas mood when decorating the X’mas tree. I like this feeling very much.

Merry Christmas to everyone as Christmas is a season of giving and sharing.


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