Monday, February 16, 2015

[throw-back: Japan Trip] Fun-loving day at Tokyo DisneySea

Sorry for the long hiatus in updating my Japan holiday experience. I will be sharing my Tokyo DisneySea experience with you guys...

Tokyo DisneySea is located inside the Tokyo Disney Resort that is unique to the Japanese, and it is made up of 7 themed ports of call such as the Mediterranean Harbor, Lost River Delta, Mermaid Lagoon, Mystery Island, Port Discovery, Arabian Coast and American Waterfront.

Tokyo DisneySea is designed to suit the more grown up audiences as most of the rides are high speed and more thrilling as compared to those at Tokyo Disneyland, though it is still suitable for all ages.

In case you are not aware, Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland are the only Disney parks that are not owned by The Walt Disney Company, but by a local Japanese company. Therefore, the parks are specially addressed to the Japanese visitors' strong interest of good food and a wider selection of table-service restaurants.

Getting to Tokyo DisneySea is as easy as accessing to Tokyo Disneyland, and the only difference is Tokyo Disneyland is located just outside the Maihama Station. To head to Tokyo Disneysea, you will need to take additional monorail to the Tokyo Disney Resort which costs an extra transportation fee.


We did the same arrangement for Tokyo DisneySea. In prior, to my return trip to Tokyo, we purchased our tickets online! As I mentioned before, there is no difference in price but we get to beat the long queues and entered the park with our e-tickets when we arrived!



As we were in Japan during Halloween, we were greeted by a very strong Halloween theme!


We queued for more than 100mins for Toy Story Mania as we had totally forgotten the usage of our fast-passes. It is a 3D screen based shooting games with Toy Story characters, and it is pretty fun and interactive!


I enjoyed the thrilling ride of the Tower of Terror after my experience in Disneyland Paris. It is a free-fall thrill ride with a well elaborated story background. I still enjoyed the ride though it was not as scary as the one in Paris. The Tower of Terror in Paris is higher and the free drop is faster and sharper as compared to the one I took in Tokyo.

We took fast-passes for Journey to the Center of the Earth, as this is a hybrid dark and thrill ride is the flagship attraction at Tokyo DisneySea. Journey to the Center of the Earth is an incredible ride, and I love the special effects very much. The climax is intense and spectacular! AWESOME is the only word to describe this attraction. 


Apart from Journey to the Center of the Earth, I also enjoyed 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. It is a dark ride into the depth of the sea, but we never really got into the water as it was just an illusion. The scene is detailed and the effects are fabulous too.

We were so happy to meet up with Pluto and Goofy! This time, we spent most of our time enjoying all the rides at Tokyo DisneySea instead of queuing for the character photo-taking session.

We had Aliens Mochi Ice-cream. OM! They looked so cute that I didn't bear to eat them up.

I picked up some popcorn from the pushcarts, and I chose the milk flavor as I wanted the Duffy Sling bucket.

We went to the Disney Retail Store to pick up some candies and cookies which featured the Halloween theme!

Thanks Tokyo DisneySea for making our day a delightful one, and I look forward to visiting the park again in the near future.

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