Thursday, February 5, 2015

[jess baby's corner] TOKIDOKI Pop up store + REZILIENZ + McDonald's X LINE

Singapore's first ever TOKIDOKI Pop up store is located at Bugis+ until the 31 Jan 2015.

 I took many random selfie(s) with the pretty 3D figures.


Jess Baby is a happy gal!
   I was lucky to win the Raison d'être Classic collection by REZILIENZ which is worth SGD199. Thanks Luxe Society for selecting my entry.

REZILIENZ is a local bespoke Jewellery brand and Jeron Teo is the founder as well as the jewellery designer of REZILIENZ.
Raison d'être Classic is a new primary collection of REZILIENZ. Under this collection, there are 3 handcrafted keys with Swarovski elements, and they represent Faith, Love and Strength.
I was given 'Key of Strength', and its main focus is the deep blue triangle crystal, and I love the unique technique and craftsmanship of the crystal, where it is securely nestled well within the wiring. I hope it will give me the strength in doing anything, and the strong, right attitude to approach life.
I am madly into the 'LINE' series of characters, especially the character 'Brown!'

 I also love the customised box for each character very much! I'm now looking forward to the next character, 'Moon'.
McDonald's X LINE plush collection ROXS!
During my recent trip to BKK, I picked up a collar necklace from Chatuchak Weekend Market for my adorable Coco. It only cost me an affordable price of 70baht!
 I love the little shiny Angel trinket, and Coco looks good on it. I regretted not getting more for her.  

I ‘heart’ my fashionable furkid!!

Thanks Damien aka Uncle TehPeng for the lovely Japanese snacks!
 I end my post with a random selfie with Storm troopers, and it was taken at The Cathay!