[random] Delivery from Just Produce + Meal gatherings with friends

Recently, I was introduced to Just Produce, and they have quite a good selection of salad varieties.

I invited some guests to my place for a pre-Christmas dinner, and I prepared the salad with the Just Salad - Singapore Mix which contained a variety of ice plant, sorrel and lettuce. It has a unique salty and tangy flavor! 

I topped it off with Ham and hard-boiled egg. I also drizzled the salad with a generous amount of Japanese Black Black Vinegar dressing.

I was glad that they enjoyed the salads very much. Many rave reviews were given by my guests. We ended our dinner with a piece of chocolate cake!

On a separate occasion, I also tried the Just Mesclun - Zesty Mustard and Tangy Sorrel. They both added a very interesting flavor to the salad. The Zesty Mustard has a distinct wasabi taste while the Tangy Sorrel enhanced the salad with a citrusy flavor!

Just Produce is locally grown in Singapore, and it is pesticide-free, non-GMO and has no preservatives. Each box of salad is extremely fresh, crunchy and flavorful. If you are a salad lover, then the products from Just Produce might be what you are looking for. Do check them out at Fairprice Finest as they are available there exclusively! Lastly, thanks thanks Just Produce for sending over the salads!

After a hiatus of 8 months, I finally had Chicken Claypot Rice again. Both Baby and I had that for dinner on a random weekday. We settled our dinner at Circuit Road Food Centre. We waited 20 mins for our dinner to be ready. Therefore, it is advisable to call up the stall and place your order for their signature Claypot Rice to avoid a long wait at the premises as the claypot rice needs at least 20 minutes to be prepared from scratch.


The rice texture was great, and the chicken meat was well marinated and tasted flavorful. I really love the generous servings of Chinese Sausages (lup Cheong).

We also ordered some Satay Sticks to go along with our rice too!

I met up with two of my ex-colleagues who are now very close friends for a dinner at Suntec City's Sushiro Outlet. We enjoyed one another's companionship, and we still do have endless topics to talk and share about! It was a great catch up. I am looking forward to our next date!

I had also arranged for a brunch date with Meryl on the second weekend of 2022. We met up at the Coffee Academics which is located at Scott’s Square.

We ordered their crispy-crusted Truffle Portobello Mushroom Pizza and Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos to share between us.

The total damage was SGD56-ish, and we had a great time doing absolutely nothing together, only purely enjoying each other’s companionship. Stay tuned to our next café-hopping destination!

After our meal, we met up with the Lee Family at the National Museum Singapore. We joined in the 2022 Museum Roundtable Lunar New Year Hongbao Campaign, as there are new red packet designs based on the Zodiac Year of the Tiger available!


I've collected 2 designs out of the 35 available! The Zodiac Red Packets look really cute!

We ended our day-out at The Art House, and we visited the ‘Our Cultural Medallion Story’. We took a group photo before leaving the premises.

Lastly, having Milk and Cookies is a classic treat for both kids and adults alike!

This is my quintennial snack to have, and I recommended to those who are mainly undergoing WFH just like me. Try it today!


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