Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[launch event] Freshness starts with iChef

 I recently attended an event which was held at iChef, and was pleasantly surprised and glad to know that iChef offers premium grade Salmon Sashimi that is flown in daily from Norway at an affordable price! The salmon is cleaned and sliced by professional trained staff in order to ensure the highest standard of freshness and quality.

iChef unveiled their second retail store at The Cathay, and customers can purchase premium grade ingredients used at popular restaurants. These ingredients are imported from countries around the world including Japan, Argentina and Norway. You can enjoy the finest restaurant grade ingredients in the comfort of your own home.  
iChef launched its brand new website, www.ichef.com.sg in December. The new web interface is user-friendly and customers can be ensured that their online shopping sessions are safe. All exquisite ingredients are delivered right to one's doorstep. It also offers several pick-up points for us to collect the orders. 

iChef was listed in Qoo10 in 2012, and their first retail store was opened in 2015. With the iChef’s website launch, we can easily get to eat top notch grade ingredients with a click away.
I was happy to attend the launch event at Nihon Mura which was located at The Cathay. Thanks Meryl for extending the invite to me, and we started off with random sushi(s) which we ordered from the menu.   

There was a short cooking demonstration by Chef Pang from Taiwan on how to make healthy and easy meals by using the ingredients offered by iChef.


iChef launched a special and affordable menu for this upcoming Christmas with the 'MUST HAVE' delicacies offer, and this offer is 3 different types of Christmas Hampers that are filled with delicious offerings that start from just SGD98.
Chicken Hamper - A choice of two chicken delights. You can select from a list of chicken choices such as the secret recipe marinated Shrimp Paste Chicken, exotic taste Cajun Chicken Chop, homely flavorful Lemongrass Chicken, Chicken Karaage, as well as Panko Chicken. The hamper also comes together with Potato Croquette, Wagyu Beef and choices of Durian Puffs or Éclairs.

You can find Snow Crabs, Argentina Prawns and Salmon Belly from the Sashimi Hamper. It boasts of the finest seafood gems for one to feast upon. The hamper also include Salmon Sashimi, Oyster Sashimi, Premium Ikura and choice of Durian Puffs or Éclairs.

Lastly, the 'Best of Both Worlds' hamper, which is basically a combo of the Chicken/Seafood Hamper into one. This hamper consists of Premium Ikura, Raw White Shrimps, Panko Chicken, and Osaka's most popular street snack, Takoyaki. This hamper also comes with Wagyu Beef, Raw Scallops and Snow Crab Leg Meat.

We started off our tasting with appetiser, Salon & Ikuta Salad.
Ikura Shoyuzuke - Premium Ikura is imported from Japan and is already seasoned with Shoyu. I love Ikura as it is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. 
Next up was the Cold Platter - Snow Crab & Cooked Prawns.
Snow Crab is one of the star products from iChef. The snow crabs are caught from Greenland, boiled and quickly frozen to ensure the freshness and the quality of the crab. The meat is tender and succulent, while maintaining the natural sweetness of the crab.

Argentina Prawns are naturally red in color, and they are wild caught in the deep sea and immediately quickly frozen for freshness purposes, thus no chemicals/preservatives are required to be injected into the prawns. They had a sweet texture that is similar to lobsters! The prawns are sashimi grade, and hence they can be eaten raw. It is also an ideal item for BBQs, or can be quickly steam with light seasoning to bring out the natural flavor.

We had the tasting portion of the mains -  Aka Ebi Mentaiko, Salmon Teriyaki and Cream Sauce Scallop
Aka Ebi Mentaiko is commonly known as Mentaiko Red Shrimp. The combination of the Mentaiko with mayonnaise when grilling, gives an addictive tangy and charred flavor. 

Everybody's favorite finger-food Platter - Dory Katsu, Ika Karaage, Shrimp Paste Chicken and Oyster Katsu

Shrimp Paste Chicken is a big hit with the young and old. When deep fried, it is crispy on the exterior while the inside is tender and juicy. iChef is also looking out for people who have healthy concerns, hence the shrimp paste chicken wings can be air fried as well. I really enjoyed the fragrant Shrimp Paste Chicken very much. 

My love of the day was the Oyster Katsu, as it tasted AWESOME and I can taste the freshness on the inside even though it was deep-fried on the outside!
The oysters originates from an oyster farm in Hiroshima, Japan. They are farmed in fresh mountain spring water and sea-water. This cultivates a strong sweetness and delicious flavor.

We rounded up our tasting with lovely pastries and ice-creams, and we had a lovely tasting and enjoyed every food item offers by iChef. 

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