Monday, December 28, 2015

[Althea Meet-up] Althea Singapore Shopper Beta Tester

I was happy to be selected as a participant for Althea Korea Singapore. In the panel of beta tester for online shopping. Thanks Vi-vien for the heads up! I was really glad to be one of the first few to preview the website which provides affordable and popular K-beauty products.
The website was successfully launched in Singapore in September, and it has already received many raved reviews from buyers for their efficient services!

Two months after the launch, we (the beta testers) were invited for a cosy gathering at Caffe Bene, VivoCity.

I started off with Green Tea Latte, and we had Cheese & Garlic Honey Bread, Cookies & Cream Bingsu and Rice Cake Waffles.

Our meet-up was delightful as we got to mingle with the people from Althea Korea as well as fellow beta testers/bloggers.

 Instead of receiving the W-Honey Beam Cushion as our Christmas gift by W.Lab that was stated in the invitation email prior our meet up, we were instead given the W-Snow CC Cushion which was also from W.Lab during the meet-up event.

 ~ Refer to product details for W.Lab W-Snow CC Cushion below ~

During the event, we decorated our CC Cushion with the materials provided.
We were given a tube of deco cream and some deco parts for our decoden design. It is time to free our creativity! 
My decoden design won me some K-beauty products (whitening intensive vanishing balm and facial mask sheet). I want to thank Candy from for helping me along the way while I was doing my decoden design.

Tammy from Althea Korea was kind to do a follow up with us efficiently by sending us the W-Honey Beam Cushion via registered mail. Thumbs up for her sweet gesture!
~ Refer to product details for W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion below ~

We had a lovely time at the event. Thanks for organising this meet-up as it is nice chatting with Tammy, SuYeong and Jihyejang. Keep in touch always!


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