Wednesday, December 2, 2015

[review] ASUS ZenFone Selfie - ZD551KL

With the advancement of technology, Smart-Phones are now most people's camera of choice. The quality of the cameras in smart-phones nowadays has improved to the point where we hardly see compact cameras anymore.

The ASUS ZenFone Selfie comes in 3 colors - Aqua Blue, Pure White and Chic Pink. The pastel pink color is pretty hard to find in the smart-phone industry and this has made a great breakthrough in the market for ASUS. It has a 64GB space and 3000mAh battery, hence it is certainly more than enough to handle any day to day smart-phone task without any added burden.
Most people include me are unlikely to use the front camera to take photos apart from taking selfies. If you love taking photos of yourself, then ASUS ZenFone Selfie is a perfect choice for you and you will not disappoint by it. The sliding self-timer is what I like most when come to taking selfies/wefies.

Most phones have their volume control buttons located at the side of the phones, but ZenFone Selfie has a similar design to the LG G4, where the buttons are placed at the back of the phone. 
I find the power button's location on the top of the device a tad inconvenient to reach. Thankfully, we can simply 'wake' the phone up from the lock screen by double tap on the display!

Although the screen size is large, the phone is still fairly light due to its lightweight plastic casing shell on the back. The device looks sturdy all thanks to the Gorilla Glass 4, and I love the large screen as it is pleasant to my eyes when I watch YouTube videos, or my favorite dramas! However, obviously the most important function of this phone is the camera!
The only let down I would say on this phone is that it doesn't support NFC Capability, which most other android smart-phones do. Additionally, there is no fast-charging function, hence a longer time is required for the phone to be fully re-charged.

I REALLY love the bonus function, ZenMotion, where you can draw an 'S' to launch the selfie camera, 'C' for the main camera or 'W' for the browser.
The auto-beautification on this phone is what I adore most as you can edit the photo without the aid from a third party app.

The rear camera uses a 13 megapixel resolution and the pictures taken are detailed, sharp, and vibrant for a regular smart-phone.

All I can say that the ASUS ZenFone Selfie is an inexpensive and reliable smart-phone with a decent performance. Although it doesn't give users a premium experience, but it is definitely comfortable to our pockets, as it only retails at SGD379 without any contract from the mobile service providers.
For more information, please visit Asus website.

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