Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[My love, Moscato] An outing at Farmart Centre

Baby brought me to Farmart Centre on a random Sunday afternoon to experience the ‘farm/kampung life’. It is located in Sungei Tengah and the admission is free.
Farmart is appealing to many is because it is situated at a lush location where visitors can surround themselves with animal and plant life.
A fun day-out with my Baby
Getting close to the animals always makes for a memorable day for us...
I had a great time interacting with some farm animals like turtles, goats, Chow Chow, parrots and many more… As everybody knows that I am a dog lover, Chow Chow caught my attention… OM!! They look so cute lah!!  I want to bring them home and hug them to bed.
We can feed the animals by purchasing things like vegetables, carrots and fish food can be bought from the animal keeper at the farm corner...
A perfect getaway from the bustling city life with friends and your loved ones
We love chilling out in the car regardless anytime of the day...
Baby brought out a bottle of Pink Moscato and put it in a chilled bag with some ice packs together with two wine glasses...
Princess Moscato from Australia
We parked the car at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and played some lounge music while enjoying our drinks. We indulged ourselves with our favorite dessert wine, Moscato... *LIFE GOOD*
Nothing beats having a good wine with your loved ones!!

I enjoyed my weekends exploring the rural side of Singapore as you will be amazed by the surroundings as everybody knows that Singapore is such a urban and modernized country, and you will hardly see or find such sights or places...

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