Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gala Premiere of The Sound of Music

The world's best-loved musical, 'The Sound of Music' comes to Marina Bay Sands, MasterCard Theatres, and it runs from now till 10 August 2014. This iconic performance touches the hearts of all ages and it is definitely a show not to be missed.

The story is about an aspiring nun, Maria who becomes a governess and changes the lives of the widowed Captain Von Trapp and his seven children by re-introducing them to music and culminating in the family's escape across the mountain. 

Captain Von Trapp intended fiancée, Elsa, is a sophisticated lady but the two seem to be uncomfortable in each other's companionship. However he finds sparks whenever he is with Maria.  

I love the singing from Mother Abbess, as her powerful voice filled the whole theatre, when she sang 'Climb E'vry Mountain'. This show tune is a themed as an inspirational piece to encourage people to take every step towards attaining their dreams.

I like one of the songs from 'The Sound of Music', and it is 'The Lonely Goatherd'. It was sung by Maria in the bedroom to comfort the children during a stormy night.

The Von Trapped Children were extremely well cast with their chemistry when delivering lines and singings. It was truly an impressive feast for me!

There was nary a dull moments through the 150-minute show, as it was well paced and the show is packed with the most memorable songs, that I find myself singing silently along with the songs. It deserves a full 5 stars, as I can see the sincerity in each performer that made it a delight to watch. Apart from the performance, I also love stage setting and exquisite costumes too.

Bring your loved ones and family to watch the musical of 'The Sound of Music', I bet you will not disappoint them! Tickets are priced from SGD65 and is now on sale.

  I had the pleasure of attending the Gala Premiere of ‘The Sound of Music’ all thanks to Base Entertainment Asia. 

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