Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[throw back] NAVY@VIVO

RSS Persistence, the Navy's ship has landed at VivoCity and it was opened to the public (balloting required). I was happy to be able to board the ship on the last day of the open house, all thanks to CK.

RSS Persistence is the biggest warship and this was such a privilege for me to get the chance for the exclusive visit of the magnificent ship.
Prior to this, I was advised not to wear heels, slippers, short skirts or even long maxi dresses, as the stairs were very steep and I REALLY had a hard time though I was wearing shorts and pumps.
To beat the crowd, we met up pretty early in the morning at Harbourfront to go for the first slot to board the RSS Persistence.
NAVY@VIVO is a yearly event for the public to experience what Singapore Navy personnel do when they are onboard the ship. This is one of rare chance as civilians like me, as we don’t get the chance to board this type of ship at all, so this trip is a memorable one for me.  

 Trio of us simply love taking photos..."*HAPPY US*

During our tour, there was a special segment included in our tickets to NAVY@VIVO, and the trio of us were excited to board the FCU (Fast Craft Unit). This was my first time on board both RSS Persistence and FCU. We had a fruitful morning, as the FCU ride was moving at high speeds on the sea, it became bumpy when the waves were slightly rough, but overall it was a fun experience. 

The Singapore Navy has made our country proud, and I hereby wish our Singapore Navy all the best and success in future events.
This is my first time that I was up close to a helicopter, and I never expected it to be that huge and sturdy.

I ended my Navy tour with a nice photo with a suave pilot, and this photo made my day. Thanks for taking this photo for me! I had a remarkable experience at NAVY@VIVO, and I look forward to visit again… Ciao, and see you in 2015!

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