Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Loots from Lapalette + MINI ME 3D Figure from Tinkr

Lapalette, the Korean label has brought a new brand of K-Fashion to our local, and the moment I saw this brand, I fell head over heels with it as I personally feel that the fashion sense of Lapalatte is a mixture ART and FASHION! I have to admit that I love art, and though I am not arty in my way of my dressing, but I just love arts. It could be visuals or performance arts but still, it is all very alluring to me.

Their uniqueness on fashion is based on the concept of British humor, and I decided to get something for my mommy as her pressie for Mothers' Day. As mommy is pretty fashionable in her accessories.
They are well known for their horse icons, as well as delicate hand-crafted ornaments and vintage collections, which all come together to create a contemporary twist.

Lapalette is also very popular among Korean pop stars and celebrities as they will collaborate with global designers for some special collections at times.  

I picked up the collections by 'Cupcake by Lapalette'.

Mommy was delighted upon receiving her gift, and she used it the very next day. She likes it very much, as the design is unique yet classy. I am so happy that she loves the item, I got for her. I love you, Mommy!

I got my mommy a British-style semi-long wallet with vintage details and it was pretty roomy to store her cards, dollars and cents. This design comes in 2 colors (pink and mint). I picked the mint color as the pink one was sold out.

I got myself a bag too, I fell in love with it with the first look. Ah! Love at first sight, I suppose. It bears signature styles of horse icon and even style inspired by the British beefeater design and style. Damn! I miss my days in London now.

Do you believe that bags are generally cheaper than wallets? I paid almost the same price for the bag and the wallet. Oh well, the important thing is that I love my loots! I had a happy hauling time at Lapalette.

I received my MINI ME 3D Figure from Tinkr, courtesy from Microsoft Singapore. Thanks so much for the hand-delivery at my doorstep. Appreciate loads!

My 3D figure mould was created by scanning our body and face features with a device, and the shape is transmitted to the computer and before the actual printing, touch-up is essential as the image might not be scanned perfect.

I love my personalized 3D Figure, and I use it as paper weight for my office use. It serves a great purpose in my daily work rather than placing it in my cabinet as a keep-sake.

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