Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Jess Baby's space] Lovely weekend outing in Sngapore

Drury Lane is a new hipster cafe which is located along Tanjong Pager area, and this cafe is pretty prominent due to its bright red shop-house unit.
Denote: Drury Lane is not an existing lane, but the name of the café.

Baby got to know about this café from his colleague, so he decided to bring me for a weekend brunch. To our surprise, Drury Lane serves delicious food and decent coffee/tea. Though the setting is very simple and normal but it is very roomy unlike other squeezy cafés.

I love the rustic feeling upon entering the café, and all diners were given free Wi-Fi (password stated on the receipt) as well. The service was good and efficient.
We ordered a pot premium tea, Melbourne Black. Although Singapore’s weather is very hot, I don't use it as an excuse not to drink tea, as I am an ultimate tea lover!

I had Steak and Cheese Sandwich. I enjoyed the chunky beef slices and the French onion very much.

Baby ordered Egg White Omelette with Cheese, and to complete his indulgence, he added on Baked Beans and Sausages.

The damage was SGD26, and they don’t charge service charge and GST. I am glad that Drury Lane serves an affordable breakfast menu and it makes a good laid-back haunt for one to patronize. With its affordable prices, I am sure I will be back soon.

I finally redeemed my complimentary ‘DESIGN YOUR MAGNUM’ voucher at the Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store at Custom House Terrace.

I shared it with my Baby, as I tried the ice-cream before during the Magnum birthday bash at Avalon Marina Bay Sands. 

I missed the chance to visit the Magnum Pleasure Store last year, and this year is the final edition of Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store. To avoid any disappointment again, I visited the store way before it closes for good. July 22 2014 is the last day for Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store. Do pop by now for the finale installment of this popular Pleasure Store in Singapore.

Baby and I went for the Mega Flea market 11 which was held at Suntec Convention Hall for some random weekend shopping,

Both of us picked up a pair of shoes from one of the blogshop booth at the flea market. I paid SGD25 and his pair was SGD28.

Apart from the shoe haul, I bought a clutch box bag with long chain, and it cost me SGD14. 

I love the horse print very much and the granny clipper makes it look classy. An inspired Lapalatte design lol!

I end my post with a sumptuous Thai Mookata dinner at Tom Yum Kungfu which is located at Serangoon Garden. It has received many good reviews on the net, so we decided to see for ourselves and try it out on a random weekend. OM! It tasted REALLY good, and now I have completely lose interest in the Chinese steamboats which are commonly found at Bugis!

The damage was SGD48, and it was pleasantly decent for the quality.

I love how they display all the Thai movie posters on the wall as part of their deco in the eatery place. The Thai songs played during our meals were so nice, and guess what? I'm actually familiar with some of the Thai songs that were being played and I found myself singing along! Baby said I was akin to a ‘Siam lo tiu’ haha! For the uninitiated, 'Siam lo tiu' means Thai disco.

MOOKATA is AWESOME! I will be back soon for dinner again...

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