Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Food art makes having meals more interesting and fun, and little children love them very much, as do working adults such as myself! To do a decent piece of food art, you don't have to use expensive gadgets, and all that is required are some ordinary household items like scissors or knives.

I have a passion for food art, but I have no professional culinary training, so I did a humble food art using CP Foods, Japanese Classic Pork Sausages and Chicken Sandwich (cold cut). Apart from using these 2 food products from CP Foods, I used them to represent the face and eyes. I also used sauces to do the drawing for the eye-brows and blushing of cheeks. Lastly, I used a small diced potato for the petite nose and crabmeat stick (thin slice) as the smiling mouth.

My little nephew, Hayden loves it so much, and he kept asking for more sausages. The sausages tasted good indeed!

If you have passion in food artistry, this is your last chance to join the CP Creative Challenge on their facebook to cash prizes worth up to $1,000 and CP Food hampers. This contest will end on 25 July 2014 at 4pm.


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