Happy FIRST Birthday Hayden!!

  My nephew, Hayden turned one this October and we were so happy about his arrival last year.
Now, Hayden is officially a toddler and no longer a baby which means he can start learning new things and preparing himself for his up-coming pre-school lessons.
Henry, father of Hayden whom is also my brother threw a birthday celebration for his son, and the theme was Toy Story.

Baby Hayden dressed up like Woody, the protagonist of Toy Story and he was the key person for this celebration.
Before the cake cutting ceremony started, guests included myself took pictures against the photo-wall which my brother designed and created for all the invited guests. 
Apart from the photo-wall, young children  who attended the party also received balloon sculptures as well as a goody bag each before leaving.
YAY!! I got a balloon sculpture of Woody...
With my adorable niece, Chloe and my aunt whom is also Chloe's grandma.
I will never miss out a chance to take photos with my vain Baby... Hahaha!!

Singer, Zheng Kewei was at the party and Contestant-Singer, Alfred from Guinness LIVE was there too as both of them are friends of my brother.

Hayden seems to like Kewei jie jie... hahaha!!

Mommy gave Hayden some milk to fill his stomach before the cake cutting ceremony and my cousin and his family came near them and took a group photo with the baby while he was drinking his milk.
Everybody was fascinated with the diaper cake with Woody sitting on the top of the cake. It looked really beautiful and arty. I simply can’t stop myself from taking pictures of it.

It's time for candle-blowing, to sing the birthday song and of course, the cake cutting session...

Family photo with the birthday boy...
Baby and I also took a photo together with baby Hayden (but he looked like he was distracted as his patience was up after taking tons of photos)...

My pressies for my lovable nephew for his first birthday... 姑姑祝你生日快  


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