[Healthy Body, Healthy Mind with DETTOL] French Culinary Master-class Workshop

As Christmas is around the corner, and before you start your shopping spree or get together for gatherings, please remember nothing is more important and comes before your well being, as your health is the best gift you can ever give to the people who care for you and love you.

To welcome the forth-coming Christmas at home, proper food handling is essential, as we often forget or simply just forgo important hygiene steps. Bacteria can enter our body easily through food, hence by maintaining a clean cooking surface and good personal hygiene will help to prevent the transmission of diseases. Therefore proper food handling is the first-step to ensure a healthy living for everyone. Maintaining a good hygiene practice and being in the pink of health gives you a peace of mind while preparing to celebrate for the coming festive season. 

I attended an exclusive French Culinary Master-class, hosted by Dettol Singapore, by renowned Masterchef, Christophe Grilo - chef and co-owner of new Bakery Artisan Original.

Christophe Grilo was formerly from Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie, and he taught us some cooking skills to whip up a simple, healthy yet sumptuous French meal for the people we love.

The French Culinary Master-class was held at Nourish Studios which is located at Boat Quay.

We learnt to cook 3 dishes from Chef Christophe Grilo and our master-class menu was as follows:

~ Chocolate Mousse and Crostini ~

~ Free Range Chicken Roulade and Potato Onion Terrine ~

~ Seasonal Vegetable Tartine ~  

While waiting for the cooking lesson to commence, we put on our aprons and started our photo taking session among ourselves...

My photo with Chef Christophe Grilo and Ying Zi

Jess Baby with Cutie Pie, Joey

Jess Baby with pretty Ying Zi

 We started off by washing our hands with Dettol Anti-bacterial Hand Soap before we started our cooking...

Before Chef Christophe Grilo started his demonstration, he cleansed both his hands with the Dettol Anti-bacteria wipes.

*Bloggers in action* We simply just love taking photos... Hahahaha!!

Chef Christophe Grilo showed us how to make the dessert, Chocolate Mousse and Crostini as it needed time to chill, so he decided to work on it first...

After the chocolate mousse was placed in the refrigerator, he showed us the cooking methods for the other two dishes, Free Range Chicken Roulade and Potato Onion Terrine and Seasonal Vegetable Tartine.

During the cooking workshop, we got the message on good hygiene practice before and after the food preparation. The Dettol Trigger was used to clean the surfaces while we disinfected the table surfaces and cooking equipment with Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. Before commencing on the cooking class, we have also shared the importance of proper hand washing with Dettol Antibacterial Hand Soap. Lastly, Dettol Anti-bacteria wipes was being used throughout the cooking session.

Dettol Singapore enriched us with proper hygiene knowledge and shared important practices to effectively and efficiently protect your loved ones and yourself during day-to-day food preparation at home.

After watching the cooking demonstration by Chef Christophe Grilo, it’s time for us to cook the dishes on our own. All of us were rather panicky as we needed to remember the steps and ingredients used to cook our meal.

Luckily, everything turned out good for me... 

After removed it out from the oven, I started to snap photos with my buddies, Jas Jas, Michelle and Cindy, lastly not to forget to strike a pose with the chef too...

I had an enjoyable time cooking with Chef Christophe Grilo, and I learnt some dishes that might be useful for me for the forth-coming festive seasons.

Chef's version of Seasonal Vegetable Tartine

Chef’s version VS my very own version, oh well, I think my Seasonal Vegetable Tartine looked very different from him as I didn’t follow the vegetables he used but in fact, I picked up only the vegetables I love to eat for this dish. Hahaha!!

After we were done with our cooking, Christophe Grilo showed us the importance of cleaning up the kitchen, in particular the food contact areas with Dettol Trigger. Don't forget to keep clean, then disinfect utensils and chopping boards with Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. 

Yay!! We ended our cooking workshop on a high note, and it was a super-duper cheerio group photo (:

 By putting the knowledge that we have learnt at the French Culinary Master-class Workshop into practice, it will greatly reduce the risk of bacteria or germ spreading that will lead to sickness thus these measures will keep us and our loved ones safe and healthy. 


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