My food journey continues...

It’s been a long since I last met up with Yu Fan and finally we set a date to catch up with each other at Marina Square, The Dining Edition. She introduced me to a new food haunt - Pita Pan, which is a Vegetarian Mediterranean Bistro which serves various healthy food such as salad, falafel and stews…
Both of us went for the Half Pita Pan Pocket Sandwich for our dinner and the pocket sandwich includes 3 Crispy Falafel Balls and we can top them with our choices of salad and sauces from the salad and sauce bars.

Apart from our half pockets, we ordered the Green Shakshuka to share between us. It is filled with baby spinach, basil, spring onion and sweet paprika. It is rich and tasted pretty good with the accompanying of the pita bread which makes it an ideal meal for two. 

The total damage was SGD 33-ish, and thanks for the recommendation!!

I went to Bear Paw which is located at Beach Road (pretty near to all the steamboat joints in Bugis) for my weekend lunch fix… It is inspired by fusion food concept between Japanese and Taiwanese, and it is wildly popular in Feng Jia Night Market which is one of the popular night markets in Taiwan. 
We had the Taiwanese-fusion burgers with buns which is in the shape of a bear’s paw which is literally named as ‘Bear Paw Buns’

We picked up two set meals which come with a Bear Paw Bun and a drink, and the damage was SGD14. I had Four Season Spring Tea while Baby had Mango Yakult.

I ordered my Bear Paw Bun in 3 simple steps: I chose Fish patty, selected the Brown Sugar Bun and my sauce for my burger is Teriyaki. Baby had Chicken Patty with Whole Wheat Bun and drenched the burger with Honey Mustard.

I like the service as it is efficient and sincere. Thanks for bringing in these delicious and adorable-looking Taiwan street snacks into Singapore. I was glad that we can taste the delicious Bear Paw Bun right here in Singapore without flying miles.
Recently, we went to Ramen Champion to fulfill our craving for ramen and we visited the outlet in Singapore Changi Airport T3.
The selection is lesser than in Bugis+ and the space is way smaller too. The eatery place wasn’t packed–out as compared to the outlet in Bugis+

The most raving and well reviewed Bario Ramen is not available at the T3 outlet, but instead there is a new stall, Taka No Tsume.
Upon entering, we were given a charge card each as there will be no cash dealing when making orders from the stalls. Payment is only made before exiting the premises at the cashier, and it bears the similar concept as Marche. 
Since Bario Ramen from Tokyo was not available, Ikkousha from Hakata became our no. 1 choice immediately and Baby had Ikkousha Special Ramen.
I had the spicy ramen, God Fire Ramen from Ikkousha. The thick broth tasted delicious, the fine noodles are chewy and lastly the pork slices tasted pretty good too. 
The damage was SGD33-ish for two bowls of ramen, and we love Ramen Champion as we are big fans of ramen. We can find all the good ramen under one roof, but most importantly is that the prices are very reasonable and affordable too...


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