[product review] Bomb Cosmetics + African Black Soap

Time to reveal my products which I got from Shea, and a BIG THANK YOU to Shea for the products for my indulgence...
Cleansing Shower Butter - MINT CHOC CHIP

Here is one of the favorite products from Shea, MINT CHOC CHIP Cleansing Shower Butter. It smells exactly like Mint Choc Chip ice-cream, and it is also my first choice selection for ice-cream.
It comes in a tub just like ice-cream but in fact it is a shower gel which is semi–solid form crème butter form...

This shower butter contains rich Shea Butter and it is far superior to most other vegetable butters as it helps to prevent stretch marks and lighten scars marks, it is also contains essential oils which helps to moisturize our skin.

The usage of this product is pretty simple, just use a semi-wet shower sponge and scoop out the crème from the tub. Though the scent is pretty over-powering when you scoop out the crème, but it doesn’t linger on the body after bathing.

This product provides excellent results to keep my skin moisturised and smooth too at all times, a great product, indeed!

Blackberry Sour Shower Gel

 A new shower gel in store and it's called Blackberry Sour. It bears a refreshing fragrance. and I like this shower gel very much as the scent stays for a couple of hours. Most importantly, my skin feels wonderful!

And lastly, the African Black Soap. 

Pure African Black Soap is made of 100% pure shea butter cocoa butter and virgin palm oil, It has natural healing properties and is an excellent for control of both facial and body acne.

African Black Soap doesn’t look BLACK, but it fact, it looks more like a piece of fruit cake. 
It works as a gentle exfoliant and it can be used for the body as well as for the face too. What a handy and amazing piece of soap. Though it doesn't give much moisturising effect for the skin but it does cleanse my face very well and I feel refreshed after wash.

 Bomb Cosmetics offers a wide range selection of products that are suitable for everyone. They are the perfect gifts for all occasions, and for more information of the products, simply visit them at www.shea.com.sg


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