The Ramen Champion Big Eater Challenge Finals 2013 + Food Tasting

I was invited to the newest outlet of Ramen Champion which is located at Great World City for food tasting as well as to witness the Big Eater Challenger Final 2013.

Ramen Champion is currently one of the largest ramen operations in Singapore, and it has served over a million satisfied customers from their 2 outlets, Bugis and Changi Airport Terminal 3. And now, they are proud to bring us their newest outlet at Great World City which opened on the 14 November 2013. 

Mr Koki Matsuda, Managing Director of Komars Group was pleased to launch the inaugural Ramen Champion Big Eater Challenge Finals 2013.

The agenda of launching the Ramen Big Eater Challenge is to engage more ramen lovers, as ramen has gained a significant popularity in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

Prior to the final challenge, two qualifying rounds had been held at Ramen Champion outlets, Bugis+ and Changi Airport Terminal 3 respectively, and the ultimate battle round was held at Ramen Champion's newest outlet, Great World City.
In addition to this exciting challenge at the new outlet, 2 new brands Miyamoto and Butaou joined Tonkotsu Itto and Bishamon Zero as the line up of competing ramen brands at the new outlet of Ramen Champion at Great World City.

Toshikazu Yoneda – Saitama, Tokyo
Butaou was awarded the Outstanding Ramen Rookie Award in Hong Kong's The Ultimate Ramen Champion competition. It is the signature dish as the taste distinguishes a sweetness profile and it differs from other salty tasting profile ramen.

Yukhiko Sakamoto –Tokyo
Tonkotsu Itto was ranked as the no.1 ramen shop in Tokyo and was featured on the Asia Best-ever Dining Awards.

Ryutaro Miyamoto – Tokyo
Miyamoto won the award of 2012 Narita City Most Popular Ramen, and was named the first runner-up in the award of 2013 Narita City Most Popular Ramen and 2012 Gurutto Chiba Most Impressive Ramen.

Wang Hu Rong – Sapporo, Hokkaido
Bishamon Zero maintains the original flavor from Sapporo, Hokkaido, the capital of ramen in Japan. 7 hours spent daily on making the broth and Bishamon Zero definitely serves up the ‘MUST –TRY’ Ramen.

The panel of judges tasted the ramen from the 4 joints at Great World City and determined the Ramen Champion.

Apart from the judges, all invited guests got the chance too, hence let me share my experience on the 4 different ramen joints...

TONKOTSU ITTO - The noodles absorbed the rich goodness of the tonkotsu broth, and it is pleasant for my taste buds. I love the Hakata-style ramen!

 BUTAOU - My favorite among the four, and the specialty of this ramen is they use half-cooked egg instead of a soft-boiled egg (lava egg) and it tasted awesome when mixing the half-cooked egg into the Sukiyaki broth. Each sliced of pork meat is uber delicious.
 BISHAMON ZERO - The broth tasted spicy and this added a punch to the whole taste, and the pork belly cha shu tasted heavenly. It will be just perfect if the corn and bean sprouts were minus off from the ramen as I personally don’t like them. This is my own preference of course and you shouldn't let that deter you from trying it out!
MIYAMOTO - The Pork and Vegetable Noodles were shaped like Mount Fuji, and the broth tasted good. I prefer thin noodles as the Chef uses the thick type of noodles for his ramen which made the noodles a tad too hard for chewing.

With all the discussion among the judges, we picked Bishamon Zero as the champion and the head chef is Wang Hu Rong. Though he is a Chinese but he went on a intensive training programme with Mr Koki Tashiro of Menya Koji Group.

  The Celebrity Competitive Eater, Tomoko Miyake has arrived at the outlet, and these are her achievements… 

She looked petite in person but her stomach is as big as the universe.

The host did a small interview with her before the challenge, and she is very cheerful and friendly in person.

I felt so honored to be able to take a picture with her…

Get ready to witness a show-down of endurance as 10 Singaporean male ramen fans compete against 1 female Celebrity Competitive Eater, Tomoko Miyake from Japan at the inaugural Ramen Champion Big Eater Challenge Finals 2013.

 Each contestant, including Tomoko Miyake herself were given a gigantic bowl of ramen to start off the competition, and the gigantic bowl is equivalent to 10 regular bowls...

 The inaugural Ramen Champion Big Eater Challenge Finals 2013 attracted many pass-by shoppers standing outside the outlet to catch a glimpse of the Celebrity Competitive Eater, Tomoko Miyake as she fought against 10 males contestants. What a blast!!  

Indeed, Tomoko Miyake has an universe sized stomach as she finished off the gigantic bowl of ramen, 10 additional regular bowls of ramen and lastly 8 plates of goyza in 20mins. That was a pretty incredible sight.  


Tomoko Miyake won the grand prize of SGD10,000, and she is the RAMEN CHAMPION BIG EATER 2013.  

Zermatt Neo, 25, Personal Trainer took down the 2nd place with a record of finishing the gigantic bowl and 1 additional regular bowl in 20mins.

The Ramen Champion Big Eater Challenge Finals 2013 came to an end successfully when Tomoko Miyake, the winner of the challenge was presented with the super big mock-up cheque and the trophy... 

Lastly, thanks for the invite and it was definitely an eye-opening event for me...


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