Friday, May 11, 2012

Gala Premiere of Dark Shadows

I went for the 'Dark Shadows' Gala Premiere with a group of friends and of course my Baby was there at the screening too...

~ Posters of the movie - DARK SHADOWS ~

In the year 1752, young Barnabas Collins sails from Liverpool, England to start a new life in America with his parents... Two decades pass and a grown-up Barnabas (starring Johnny Depp), is the master of Collinwood Manor. He is rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy till he makes the fatal mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard who is a witch (played by Eva Green). Furious Angelique uses her substantial witchcraft powers to cause the death of his beloved girl and turns him into a vampire and burying him alive....This is a fate worse than death.

Two centuries later, a crew of construction workers unearths the coffin and set free Barnabas from his prison, and he returns to his ancestral home, Collinwood Manor where his dysfunctional descendants of the Collins family are in need of his protection. The Collins family has not only fallen out of favour of their namesake town, but also deep into despair and are near poverty. Angelique is still alive and controls most of the fishing fleets in the town and she is rich beyond imagination.

The whole idea of this movie is about ancient Gothic soap opera that contains elements of horror, vampiric tales and family curses... In the film, Johnny Depp acts well in his role as one of the undead and delivers another sterling performance.

I am a big fan of Tim Burton's movies and I have been eager to watch 'Dark Shadows' ever since I saw the trailer... Johnny Deep is amazing in the show, I love his charisma and the way he speaks in the old English accent, and undoubtedly he did deliver a great physical comedy performance.

The movie is marvelous with excellent setting and costumes... There is a good balance of humor and drama and an ish of sweetness between Barnabas and Victoria Winters (played by Bella Heathcote). The only flaw is that the character, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (starring Michelle Pfeiffer) was not explained deeper in the show on her relation to Barnabas Collins.


I had the pleasure of watching the Gala Premiere all thanks to my friends - Terence & William. The premiere date is on the 10 May 2012.

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