Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gala Premiere of SAFE

I won a pair of tickets for the Gala Premiere of 'SAFE', it was held at GV MAX, Vivo City, Baby & I went for the screening ... It was a truly awesome screening to be held on Friday, as both of us were not working the next day...

~ Posters of SAFE ~

11-year-old, Mei (played by Catherine Chan) is abducted and forced to work for ruthless Chinese Triads due to her extraordinary skills in memorization and mathematics. When she was given a numerical code to a huge lump of money, she finds herself pursued by the Triads, the Russian mob, and corrupt NYC cops. Luckily for her, the former elite agent Luke Wright (starring Jason Statham) happens to see the fleeing girl and rescues her.

'SAFE' is an amazing movie with high doses of brutality and violent scenes and is a typical 'Statham' movie which provides the expectation of explosive action sequences. The movie gets better when the action kicked in during the second half... The plot was pretty good with twists and turns...


Both Baby and I are fans of Jason Statham... He is edgy and does his own stunts in most of his movies...

I had the pleasure of watching the Gala Premiere all thanks to XINMSN. The premiere date is on the 10 May 2012.

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