Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Workshop/Review: Keratinology Sun-kissed Colour Therapy

I attended a Keratinology Hair Workshop featuring their Sun-kissed Colour Therapy range... The workshop was held at Raffles City Convention Centre... Upon entering the Bras Bash Room, I was going to discover how to manage and prolong the coloured hair in order to look healthier and last longer...

Ryna was there with me, it's been a very long time since she joined me to an event/workshop.

All the attendees were attentive while the Colour Expert, Edwin Goh was giving us an interactive session on how to take care of our coloured hair and the latest hair trends for 2012.

Noting down some useful notes from the expert...

Light refreshments were provided during the workshop...

I downloaded the Keratinogram App on my iphone, this application is available for Android users too...

A visual diary of the usual cycle that hair goes through, following a salon treatment, week by week and day by day.

With the app, your hair's needs will get specific salon treatment, and it will provide an unique program of product recommendations and information to keep your salon-treated hair looking beautiful.

New Keratinology Sun-Kissed Colour Therapy , enriched with essential nutrients that replenishes hair from within and seals the cuticles to achieve rich, smooth hair and at the same time, it also retains the colour longer.

Received the whole range of the inaugural Keratinology by Sunsilk - Sun-Kissed Colour Therapy as the door-gift from the workshop... For this range, it consists of 3 premium products and each product helps to prolong the luxurious look when you first step out of the salon.

Colour Therapy Shampoo - The cleansing formula which gently removes residues and protects coloured hair.

Express Treatment Conditioner - The intensity of treatment with the speed of a conditioner. This Hair nourishment helps to smoothen the hair and helps the retain the colour longer.

Glossy Mask - The unique formula penetrates through 3 layers of the hair fibre to protect the colour.

I really enjoyed using the whole range of Keratinology Sun-kissed Therapy as it leaves a nice scent in my hair. I love the hair mask loads, as my hair becomes more glossy and healthier after using it... Applying the Glossy Mask is like as if I had applied salon hair wax. Sun-kissed Therapy range helps me to achieve a longer vibrant hair colour.

The whole range of Keratinology Sun-kissed Therapy is simply marvellous!!

Thanks Keratinology by Sunsilk for organising this informative hair workshop and I gain a lot of knowledge through this workshop.

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