[personal] Dinner at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao + House of Roasted Duck

Jasmine arranged for a double date with our respective partners for a dinner gathering, and this idea was very feasible to me, as I had actually wanted to organize something similar too. We had our meal at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao which is located at Holland Village.

We love the Steamed Soupy Xiao Long Bao very much as each dumpling tasted awesome. 

We ordered a main course each, as well as some side dishes to share amongst ourselves. 

I had the Fried Rice with White Bait and Egg 
I enjoyed the Shrimp Paste Chicken, and I will jot this dish under my MUST-ORDER LIST during my next visit.

We ended our meal with the Pan Fried Red Bean Paste Pancake, and each piece is crispy, with a generous amount of red bean paste. 
The total damage was SGD148, but thanks to Jasmine's lobang, she had a SGD60 cash voucher to off-set the damage partially! In the end, we paid SGD40-ish per couple. We had a wonderful time over the dinner chat and I look forward to another date soon! 

Baby and I re-visited the 'House of Roasted Duck' on a random weekend for dinner. Baby had his usual order, Shrimp Dumpling Noodles (soup version). 
I had the BBQ Pork Noodles (dry version). The noodles were springy and well-seasoned by the flavorful sauce. The BBQ Pork was sliced thick and well-covered with caramelised sauce. I believe the juicy and tender BBQ Pork will leave you wanting for more! 

We had our favorites dim sum items such as Steamed Siew Mai with Tobiko and the Steamed Spare Ribs. The damage was pretty decent at less than SGD30. 

I end my post with my latest haul from MISSHA and yes, I picked up the Dual Blending Cushion Shadow (LINE FRIENDS EDITION) #Amande Chocola


I always have a soft spot for cushion eye-shadow that comes in pen form as it is less bulky, and more convenient to be stowed away in my bag. 


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