[Gathering] Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration + Steamboat

It is another year of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and what better way to celebrate it then to have meey up again with my peers and loved ones to do it traditionally! We arranged for a mini gathering at Henderson Waves Bridge, and the attendees, except for Joanne were the same people who attended last year. I was happy that Jasmine's parents were there us that night. I also brought Coco with me to join in the fun.
We made our way to the venue for the gathering. Upon reaching, we met up with one another at a small area at Henderson Waves Bridge to light up our lanterns.
We still spent a good 1 hour-ish with each other mingling with one another and we had a great chatting session, sharing our life in general. Of course, we were more interested in hearing from Meryl, as she is now a flight attendant!

We headed straight to Jasmine's Crib at Teban Gardens to have another round of celebration. Ryden was at home preparing a steamboat dinner for us! It was a pity that Jasmine's parents didn't join us for the dinner.

After our dinner, we had moon-cakes for desserts! I was happy that Coco behaved pretty well in the house too. My good furkid! I enjoyed our gathering very much, and nothing beats their companionship. Thanks Jasmine and Ryden for the wonderful steamboat dinner.

I end my post with my huge collection of gifts from Meryl. Thanks ya!

Lastly, Meryl helped me to pick up some beauty fix from VDL during her work trip to Seoul. These 2 items cost me around SGD48.

VDL + Pantone Expert Color Lip Cube #01-Serenity

Tint Bar Triple Shot #501 - Triple Red


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