Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Food tasting session] Korean Bistro Sarang

Singaporeans can now get to experience what it is like to dine in Gangnam, Seoul, without the need to travel. Newly re-opened at Orchard Central, Korean Bistro Sarang has re-invented itself to introduce a first-of-its-kind Korean Tapas menu, complete with a refurbished interior set in a contemporary modern setting. Sarang leads the Korean dining trend and brings to Singaporeans a new dining experience which incorporates classic favorites and contemporary Korean-fusion additions including tapas and cocktail selections.

Sarang means ‘love’ in Korean and it delivers an affectionate and gastronomical experience. Every detail at the outdoor terrace enhances an urban culture in a vibrant setting and this is what I call the, Sarang Experience. 

The newly revamped outdoor terrace beckons to visitors with a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Nothing beats overlook bustling Orchard Road while having meals or chilling out with families, friends or even with your loved ones. Temperate trees and a green wall lend a natural setting to the bistro, complete with a breezy al fresco feel.

Master Chef, Jung Yun Yur from Sarang, or best known as Chef YY, and his new creations reflect an in-depth understanding of the Singaporean palate while preserving traditional Korean elements close to heart. A first in Singapore, the new introduction of classic and modern tapas on Sarang’s menu brings to customers familiar favorites that are incredibly authentic in taste, but presented in a fresh plating concept. Sarang’s transformation aims to bring the complete experience of dining in contemporary bistros in Gangnam to Singapore.  

Cucumber Soda was served once I arrived at the eatery place, it is a definitely a drink to start off my meal. It tasted light and refreshing. 

Korean tapas are best paired with Sarang’s signature cocktails, made with Soju or Makgeolli.

Classic Tapas Cocktails Pairings: Soju Bomb and Makgeolli Sprite. 

Sarang Japchae is one of the traditional authentic Korean dishes and it can be found in most Korean restaurants. It is a light, stir-fried dish glass noodles tossed in sesame oil. It is a delightful dish, and can also be a great appetizer for you to begin your meal...

Folded Egg is a Japanese-inspired dish topped with Fish Roe, I personally do not fancy ‘Tamago’ (egg in Japanese), but I had a bite and ended up finishing up a few portions. The Folded Egg tasted great together with the fish roe that will have you wanting for more rounds…

Kimchi Pancakes are best to eat while they are warm, and each crispy pancake paired off well with the dipping sauce. I love this savory appetizer so much that I ending up asking for more. 
Spicy Chewy Rice Cake is a popular street snack in Korea and Chef YY add a special twist to it with a strong intensity of flavors to whet up my appetite. 

Modern Tapas Cocktails Pairings: Lemon Soju and Makgeolli Mojito

Ginseng Chicken Terrine is one of the Chef YY’s innovation creations that surprised me, this modern tapas is made up of a spring chicken with a concentrated version of ginseng chicken broth, dates and garlic. This is pretty much a dish that made me go ‘WOW’...

The Japanese-inspired Okonomiyaki-style Scallion Pancake is dressed up with mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce and lastly topped up with dried bonito flakes

Crispy Tofu with Kimchi Cream Sauce is pretty much similar to the Japanese Agedashi tofu, and the homemade Kimchi Cream Sauce is a catch that enhances the cubed crispy plain tofu. Although it is a simple dish but definitely a comfort food for many diners. 

Sarang Nachos had my vote during the whole food tasting, it is definitely a tasty counterpart to beer or alcoholic drinks as these appetizing snacks are served with marinated beef, jalapeno, olives and homemade Bulgogi sauce which would make anyone come back for more. The Sarang Nachos is super addictive as once you get hooked, you can't stop. I am in love with the combination of mayonnaise and the flavorsome Korean mix-marinade sauce. 
Spoon Pizza is created especially for the ladies, as we can enjoy the goodness of a pizza without eating the crust (to avoid extra carbohydrates) and getting our hands dirty. With Chef YY’s Spoon Pizza, we can enjoy the heavenly cheesy goodness and the ingredients of a pizza with just a spoon… I simply love the delectable spicy marinated chick chunk as they tasted fabulous. Spoon Pizza is a must-try entrée as you will experience an extraordinary way of eating the oven-baked pizza gratin.

Chef YY was so kind to add on an additional dish for us though it was not stated in the food tasting menu. We had Spicy Penne, and the oven-baked pasta with spicy sauce added gives a punch to my taste buds. 
Mains Cocktails Pairings: Kiwi Soju and Red Wine

Korean cocktails are generally light in alcohol percentage, therefore is best to paired with fresh fruits and puree to deliver a sweet and smooth finish. My pick is the Kiwi Soju without a doubt.  

An all-new BBBB (Big Bang Bulgogi Burger) contains tender-grilled bulgogi beef served on a lightly toasted bun. The juicy beef slices tasted marvelous and the Potato Wedges with the accompanying Kimchi Dipping Cream Sauce is worth mentioning too. 

Lastly, Sarang Meat Lover’s Platter consists of 3 different types of meat with 3 different ways of cooking method, this platter is a MUST–ORDER for any meat lovers. I personally like the Sarang Steak, the flamed-grilled US ribeye steak dressed up with Kimchi cream sauce. It tasted tender and flavorful, but however the Wine-marinated Pork belly wasn’t my cup of tea as it was not as succulent as I thought it was supposed to be. In short, it was a tad too tough and bland. 

We ended our food tasting in a perfect way by indulging in a dessert called Hotteok. The fried pancakes tasted good. Each fried pancake is topped with cinnamon sauce and it is crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

Korean Bistro Sarang is located at 181 Orchard Road, #07-01 Orchard Central and opens 12pm to 10pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 12pm to 11pm from Friday to Saturday.
Thanks so much for the invite and the warm hospitality!!

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