[random eats] Full of Luck Club + Barrio + Poulet + Ju Shin Jung +Saizeriya

It has been a long hiatus since I met up with Linda over a dinner gathering, so we therefore made a date with each other at Poulet, VivoCity.

We tried out the half roasted chicken that was drenched in traditional brown sauce. The Poulet Diane was tasty, and both of us enjoyed it very much!

We ordered the Creamy Mushroom Soup, and I love the aroma of the savory soup. It did not taste as creamy as it looked. I love the croutons which added a nice texture to the soup. 

Both of us loved the Chicken Wings too! 

Lastly, we ended our meal with the Crème Brulee, and it was an absolute treat! It was caramelised to perfection. The serving portion was excellent for sharing, which was definitely worth my both thumbs up!

The total damage was SGD44-ish. Thanks Linda for the belated birthday goodies! 

I treated myself and my lovely Baby a nice dinner after a long day's work on a random Friday, we decided to have Korean and visited Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ, which is located at West Coast, opposite Haw Par Villa.

There is one outstanding thing that I love about this eatery place, and that is that they are very generous with their banchan (Korean side dishes). Better still, they are re-fillable! 

We ordered Pork Belly and Marinated Chicken for BBQ sharing. I love Korean BBQ! Each piece of tender, juicy meat was coupled with fresh piece of vegetables and it tasted amazing. 

We also ordered Kimchi Soup, as it is my all-time favorite staple soup for Korean cuisine. The broth and the pork slices tasted flavorful. This comforting soup never fails me to perk me up!

I end our meal with the in-house complimentary desserts, which were slices of heart-shaped cut watermelon and cold ginger cinnamon sweet tea. The damage was SGD75, and it was kinda hefty. Oh well, quality food comes with a price! 

To reciprocate my Korean treat, Baby brought me for lunch at BARRIO by Mex Out which is located at VivoCity.

 This is my first time ever to BARRIO, so Baby took charge of the food order. He ordered a Pulled Pork Rice Bowl and 2 Fish Tacos.

Do not mis-judge the rice bowl as it looked messy and un-photogenic, but it tasted delightful. Thanks Baby for the Mexican Treat!

After our meal, I went shopping at Temt. I seldom wear long dresses, but this time I gave an exception! I picked up this dress at SGD39.95, which I though was pretty reasonable. More importantly, I felt I looked good in it! LOL

My weekends nowadays are almost always reserved for Pokémon Go, while of course spending quality time with my Baby. Baby brought me to Holland Village to satisfy my Pokémon hunting! Woohoo, I caught quite of few of new ones to add on to my pokedex List.  

We went to newly opened eatery place, 'Full of Luck Club' at Holland Village for tea.

To start, we had their signature steamed buns, 'Lucky Bao'. I ordered the Braised Pork Belly Bao while Baby had Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Bao which cost SGD9.80 for the 2 baos!

I love the tender and fatty Pork Belly as it melted in my mouth, and burst out a flavorsome aroma! I was surprised that they added crunchy pickled lotus root as part of the ingredients. It definitely brightened up the dish with more variations!

Baby ended his afternoon tea with an Asian Beer Craft, 'Gambler's Gold'. It tasted refreshing, with a tinge of lightly roast malt. It is definitely a perfect ale for any beer lover! 

I ended my post with weekday dinner at Saizeriya Restaurant at the Aperia Mall. This time, we replaced our usual order of chicken stew with Bacon & Pineapple Pizza. As usual, Baby had his all-time favorite Soup Pasta Asari. I love escargots, and I will never get enough of them! I had a half dozen of Oven Grilled Escargot all by myself as Baby hates them. Although it was sinful, the fragrance won me over. My resistance plunged down to zero when it was served on the table. The damage was about SGD23, and it is good value for money with the amount of food items we ordered. 


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