[MAGNOLIA] Celebrating 80 years of goodness

At some point in time, everyone would have surely drunk or tasted milk. Since the day we were born, milk would have played a pivotal role in our life. What better way to reminisce about your fond memories of milk with a delicious cup of MAGNOLIA milk every morning! For 80 years, MAGNOLIA has been a vanguard of nutrition, nourishing the body with protein and nutrients to kick-start the day. It is therefore not surprising that MAGNOLIA has earned the trust among the young and old, across generations.

Milk is an ideal beverage for many good reasons, and it is also an excellent source of calcium that is essential for optimal bone strengthening. Milk is also a complete food item not only provides protein, but essential minerals as well. These range from magnesium, zinc and potassium and vitamins A & B.

On its debut in 1937, MAGNOLIA was packed in an iconic pyramid-shape container, which I found rather cute. Till today, MAGNOLIA has been a faithful steward of nutrition, and  continues to offer various innovative milk products that cater to all palates and lifestyle needs. 

As consumers of today are increasing their concern of their food intake, MAGNOLIA is proud to offer an extensive range of products that have been certified as Healthier Choice by Health Promotion Board. The Fresh Milk range is available in Plain and Chocolate Flavors! MAGNOLIA Plus range combines the goodness of Oats with Omega-3 to deliver added goodness in every serving of milk.

MAGNOLIA is celebrating their 80 years of trusted goodness with an exclusive range of MAGNOLIA Vintage mugs.

Consumers can redeem one out of four available MAGNOLIA Vintage Mug designs with every purchase of two 1L packs or one 2L bottle of MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk, or with two bottles of MAGNOLIA Yoghurt Smoothie (800ml). Redemption is available till 31 March 2017, only while stocks last, at supermarkets, hypermarkets and participating convenience stores and provision stores. 

Visit www.magnolia.com.sg to learn more about MAGNOLIA’s story since the beginning or to discover the goodness of MAGNOLIA milk along with fun facts and recipes. 


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