Café Asia 2017, International Coffee & Tea Industry Expo 2017 and Sweets & Bakes Asia 2017

The Café Asia 2017, International Coffee & Tea Industry Expo 2017 (ICT Expo 2017) and Sweets & Bakes Asia 2017 were held over the 3 days, from the 2nd of March to the 4th March 2017 at the Marina Bay Sand Singapore Expo & Convention Centre.

This is their largest showcase so far for both Café Asia and ICT Expo as they were first launched way back in 2013 and 2014 for Sweets & Bakes Asia respectively. The consumption of gourmet and specialty coffee beverages has shown a significant growth in Singapore, and this showcase offers insights on the latest trends in the café industry.

The 3-day exhibition allowed the visitors to embark on a Coffee Education Tour to learn from a panel of experts on the importance of coffee beans! These ranged from selection of beans, roasting methods, spotting good coffee machines and how the choice of milk can determine the quality and taste of the brew.

This year, the show introduced the inaugural Tea Masters Cup Singapore 2017 where Singapore crowned the first-ever Tea Master, for winning the prestigious Tea Masters Cup International 2017.

During my visit, I was introduced to Nitrogen-infused Cold Brew on tap, and I was surprised by the power of technology. It is a new novelty product currently found in the market which I believe will be a popular drink in the near future. The foam generated by the nitrogen gives the coffee a creamy feel reminiscent of beer foam.

I did a few tastings from different vendors at the show, and I enjoyed the cold brew most from Boyle's Coffee. Do visit them at Bukit Timah Plaza and enjoy a glass of cold brew on draft! 

Next, was the Turmeric Latte Mix, a holistic vegan creation by Nature's Harvest. It is free from preservative, caffeine, sugar, gluten and nuts. It was a fabulous experience not to be missed! I love the interesting blend and the unique musky flavor, but most importantly it contains many healthy properties for us. It is a good alternative for coffee after lunch! 

Lastly, enrich your coffee experience with gorgeous graphics and inspiring messages or even heart-warming messages for your loved ones with the Ripple Marker! 

Thanks for the invite and I look forward to the next event!


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