Cooking with Zhen Mei Wei

I was introduced to 'Zhen Mei Wei' during my previous food tasting session to the restaurant in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, and now I'll write up another cooking experiences with the restaurant's pre-made sauces! Read here for my previous cooking post.

Last Sunday, I decided to do another cooking session as lately I found myself enjoying the experience. With the help of the pre-made sauces from 'Zhen Mei Wei', it made cooking really easier!

I got my ingredients for my cooking from the wet market. Although shopping at the wet market is not my preferred choice as compared to say, supermarkets, the unique environment and cheaper prices won me over when I went to purchase ingredients for the cooking session.  

Below are the ingredients for Badong Seafood, and I used the pre-prepared Badong Paste. 

Everyone was singing praises on the Badong Seafood dish, and personally I liked it very much as well, as it complimented brown rice perfectly. 

Previously, I received a good response from my parents on the Belacan Paste on my last cooking session with long beans, so I decided to cook it again but I added lady fingers and eggplant as well! I called it 'Stir-fried three treasures in Belacan Paste'.

Thanks for reading, and do check out my space for more cooking experiences! 

I was glad to be invited to Baby's house for steamboat dinner. He did all the preparation which included getting the ingredients from supermarket all by himself and with the help of Auntie Vi. 

I love the soup base 'Bijin Nabe' which he had purchased from NTUC. According to him, it cost less than SGD7 for this pre-packed soup base!

During the steamboat session, I added Korean instant noodles into the soup, and the noodles tasted so delicious! I savored every bit of it. I look forward to another round of steamboat meal, and perhaps the next soup base I will try will be Budae Jjigae (Army Stew)!

Lastly, my update on my Pokémon Go...


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