[service review] D'skin Miracle Oxylight Facial Treatment

It was nice to be back to D'skin Prestige, after I last attended their opening in September last year. Thanks so much Brand Cellar for fixing my appointment.

Recently, an extra workload at my job was allocated to me and my stress levels rose significantly. This caused some issues to my complexion, I felt I looked weary and exhausted. Hence when opportunity was given to me to try out the D'skin Miracle Oxylight Facial Treatment, I knew I had to grab this precious chance. After all, it's been a long time since I've pampered myself with a nice facial treatment after work! 

At D'skin, they provide a detailed skin analysis for customers so that the most effective treatment which suits a customer's respective skin type can be matched.

I started off with an in-depth analysis of my skin, and with this machine, it tracked my pH, sebum and elasticity levels within minutes. According to the machine, my hydration, elasticity and pH levels results are pretty good, but my sebum level reading showed that I have dry skin and my overall complexion looked dull too.

D'skin Miracle Oxylight Facial Treatment is a relaxing facial treatment which involves pumping oxygen into the skin via an oxyjet and also lifts up the skin using infrared lights.

The facial therapist started off by removing my eye makeup and this was followed by a deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation. The facial treatment also included an extraction process, which played a big role for the cleansed skin to absorb the oxygenated water droplets. Cleansing and exfoliation helped to removes impurities as well as dead cells on the skin to provide more hydration, as well as smoothing fine lines on the face. 

I loved the experience of when the facial therapist pumped oxygen into my skin using the Oxyjet. The water molecules were so fine that it felt more like cold air being sprayed continuously against my face. 

After the oxygen infusion experience, a cool device emitting red infrared lights was then used to massage my skin gently, and it penetrates deep into the skin to regenerate and tone skin tissues, as well as improve blood circulation.

As per the therapist, red infrared light is used on mature skin as it deals well with anti-aging issues, while the blue light is used for acne-prone skin, as well as to eliminate bacteria and toxins. 

Mask-ing time! She placed the mask sheet on my face as a base and applied a very thick layer of mask cream to boost up my moisture levels. I felt a cooling sensation, especially when cream was gradually spread on my face. While having the mask on, she gave me a really good neck and shoulder massage. It soothed my muscles and stimulated my senses at the same time too. The smell of the massage cream is so calming and aromatic. Ooh! I'm in love with the scent! Thumbs up!

After the session, my skin was noticeably more radiant and glowing and I felt that my skin was suppler and smoother. I hope the results can maintain itself for at least a month or two. I enjoyed the D'skin Miracle Oxylight Facial Treatment, as I can really see a significant improvement in my complexion. I am in awe of this oxygen facial treatment, as it is worked well on all skin types include sensitive, acne-prone, dehydrated or even dull and tired skin. 

Do give a try on the oxygen facial treatment, as there are many benefits to help you restore moisture to your skin and say bye bye to weariness! 

The Miracle Oxylight Treatment is SGD498 for a 90 minute session. For first-timers, you can enjoy the same treatment for a trial price of SGD99. Please feel free to enquire with D'skin Prestige at their address below.

D'skin Prestige
Velocity @ Novena Square
238 Thomson Road
#03-04/05, Singapore 307683


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