Friday, February 9, 2018

Pre-wedding shoot in New Zealand

Kia Ora everyone! I am sorry for the long delay in sharing my Pre-wedding shoot which took place in New Zealand last year. Since the day has arrived, I felt it best to share about this unique experience of mine!

One should note that with any wedding shoot (especially overseas) unforeseen circumstances are bound to occur!

So, some pointers to note! 
Things to bring for pre-wedding shoot:
Nu Bra (tube dresses) 
High heels
Spare cash (trust me, bring some. You might get hungry or you may need to buy extra stuff)
Jacket (for the cold weather)
A portable hard disk (with plenty of storage capacity) to download your photos to! 

To start, after a long discussion and thought process, we have decided to take up our pre-wedding shoot in Auckland, New Zealand. We started by researching online for tips and reviews for overseas photo-shooting in NZ. Baby came across a recommended studio called Kylin Image, and it is a Auckland based photography studio. We sent them a message to ask for quotation about 4 months before our planned departure date for New Zealand, and they replied. 
Baby and I were pleased by the package they offered to us. The studio quoted NZD1299 for an Auckland 3+1 location package which included 3 different gowns for the bride, 2 different suits for the groom, a studio makeover and mobile makeup. We set our photo-shooting date on Easter Day (14 April 2017). 

About a month before our shoot, they emailed us for an initial deposit in order to secure the photographer and hair/make-up artist for that day, but being cautious, Baby was pretty skeptical on the payment. 
We rejected gently on this by telling them that we didn't feel good paying the deposit before arriving in New Zealand, but we compromised by saying that upon arrival, we would head to their office to make the deposit in cash, to show that we were sincere to take up the package. GUESS WHAT!!! They replied that they will proceed to secure our date without a deposit! I should emphasis that, the deposit was given in cash at their office a few days before the shoot, so I think this was reasonable. 

We reached Auckland on the 12 April 2017, and on the next day we drove down to the bridal studio from our apartment to select the gowns, to finalise our location for the photo shoot and of course to pay the deposit. 
We decided on 3 locations in Auckland city, and they were Parnell, Mission Bay and Westheaven. The Auckland rural location was at Muriwai Beach. The staffs were helpful and friendly, and they helped me in changing of my gowns. After a selection process that took about 1 hr plus, I shortlisted the gowns for the next day's shoot! 

On the photo-shoot day, we arrived at the studio at 9am to do my makeup and hairdo. I changed to my first gown and we left at 10am for the first location, Parnell. 

We took the whole day to finish the whole photo shoot, and the weather was pretty cold at 12-14 degree Celsius. We ended our shoot at Muriwai Beach! 
After the shoot, we returned back to the studio to change back into our clothes, and it was a tiring day for us indeed. The photo processing would take a few days, so we planned a mini road trip of their north island of NZ for a holiday! Collection of the photos would be done on the 2nd last day of our trip!
We drove back to our apartment nearby for dinner, and we settled at a pizzeria eatery place, That's Amore. We shared a big portion pizza, and it tasted fabulous!
We walked around the City of Auckland at night, and I was impressed by the city's efforts to preserve the old buildings and retain their heritage. These buildings gave modern Auckland a rustic and nostalgic feel. 


As I mentioned, we came back to Auckland 2 days before we headed back for our home bound flight, and we drove over to the studio to select 60 retouched photos. Amazingly, they gave the entire photo shoot of HD photos (around 200+ pcs) which we saved in a portable hard disk that Baby had brought.

We were glad to choose Auckland as our pre-wedding shooting location, as New Zealand is really a place filled with fresh clean air and the people are very friendly! We had a wonderful time in New Zealand, and Auckland will always leave good memories in our hearts! 

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