Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Mahota Commune is a well-stocked and organized supermarket that offers a wide selection of organic produce and health food at affordable prices, and it is also a restaurant/cafe which uses organic ingredients for their dishes. 

In conjunction with DBS's 50th anniversary, DBS is taking their upcoming edition of the DBS Regatta to another level. DBS has lined up a series of exclusive activities to welcome the Golden Jubilee.

I was delighted to be invited to join in the workshop, EAT LIKE A CHAMPION: DBS MARINA REGATTA 2018 x MAHOTA HEALTHY COOKING WORKSHOP, and this event was part of the 'Road to Regatta'! It was held at Mahota Commune - M Pantry which is located at Kitchener Complex.

During the workshop, May Schooling, Mother of Singapore's only Olympic Gold Medalist, Joseph Schooling, did a special demo on the types of food she normally prepares for Joseph prior to his training. From the workshop, I learnt to prepare quick and healthy meals. As a running enthusiast, I always believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with a well-balanced diet.

Mahota's Creative Chef Benson, also gave us some tips on how to prepare healthy local delicacies, such as Nasi Lemak and Milo Dinosaur. I was quite amazed and impressed with how the chef could emulate the flavors and taste of Nasi Lemak and Milo Dinosaur with his own healthy ingredients! For example, grated cauliflower was used as a substitute for the rice!

Next, we were educated on the pros and advantages of consuming a Protein Bar, especially one which is made out of Superfoods! No doubt this will be a boon for all athletes that will be taking part in the Regatta.

My favorite segment of the workshop was the hands-on session to make my own protein bar. Kudos to Mahota for the prepared ingredients! We had a DIY session on creating a Spriulina Protein Bar, and my personal work looked more like cookie dough to me than anything else... Pardon me, as I have no talent in cooking sob :(
I took a selfie with CK, and her hand-made protein bar looked awesomely good. All I can say is that she really nailed it well! 

We took some random photos at M-Pantry before leaving the premises. Thanks DBS for having us at the event, and we enjoyed the workshop very much! 

Lastly, do visit the DBS Marina Regatta 2018, which will be held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay for 2 weekends. These are the weekend of 26-27 May, and the weekend of 02-03 June, so remember to mark your calendars today!

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