Monday, May 21, 2018

[product review] Merries Berries Plus

The human body accumulates large amounts of toxins regularly, due to the lack of exercise or irregular eating habits. Once toxins are stored in our body, diseases and other negative health issues may occur. Therefore, detoxification is needed to flush out the harmful toxins in one's body, in order to promote overall health wellness! Recently, Detox drinks have gained a lot of popularity due to the obvious health benefits and ability to eliminate toxins. They also help to boost metabolism, and to increase weight loss.

Detox drinks also serve as a natural laxative to ease bowel movements in order to improve digestive health, as well as to promote positive healthy liver functions. Detox drinks also help to reduce the signs of aging, as well as to cleanse skin cells in order to give one a rejuvenated, healthier glow in complexion!

Recently, I was introduced to a whole new detoxification product, Merries Berries Plus which works as antioxidants. This product does not contain any chemical substances and artificial colorings. Maqui Berry is one of the key ingredients, which I am told, is only harvested once a year. It works effectively in anti-aging, invigorating oneself, weight management, and improving one's vision and skin beautification.

The instructions are pretty simple : To enjoy the berries detox drink, all you have to do is to mix one sachet with 200ml of water and to consume it at night before bedtime. However, all things should be taken in moderation, so do not overdose on it, even if it tastes delicious, and seems like a normal juice/cocktail drink! To maximise the effect of Merries Berries Plus, you need to drink 2litres of plain water daily, do simple exercises at least, such as strolling, and to get sufficient sleep while also not forgetting to maintain normal dietary habits.

Thanks for sending the box of Merries Berries Plus which contained 15 sachets and a drink shaker for my review. I have been taking the Merries Berries Plus for almost a week, and it really helps me in my bowel movements as I do suffer from constipation at times! My body felt lighter after my bowels are cleared regularly. Thanks Merries Berries Plus as you are my saviour for my constipation woes! 
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