Tuesday, May 1, 2018

[random] Launch of Excel + Sulwhasoo 1st Anniversary Party + shoppinghauls

I now spend my weekends with my Baby Hubby at our Woodlands Apartment, and we had our usual Sunday Brekkie together with Mum Vi! On this occasion, we went to Yi Dian Xin which is located along the Kovan area. We ordered the usual dim sum items, and they tasted pretty decent! We made it a point to come back and try out the other items that we didn't order during this food trip!

Recently, I picked up a beauty item which merely cost me SGD4.90 from Miniso. Check out this PINK PANTHER Double Eyeliner, that had a special stamp that featured the Pink Panther's foot-print! 

I got myself a ring holder to keep all my ring accessories. It looked pretty chic and and classy. Amazingly, I got this from Daiso!

Recently, I attended a beauty event that allowed us to check if our blood cells were healthy. The results were pretty good but from my blood cells, there were some thin traces of stress lines that were found. I shared this piece of information with my Baby, and he suggested that I should pick up some aroma incense or essential oils to relieve my stress at night before bedtime!

Rinajy is leaving the company soon, and we arranged a farewell dinner with her at Jublicious Cafe which is located at Hotel Boss! Thanks for the companionship all these years! I will miss her laughter very much when she is no longer part of our BIG HMM FAMILY! 

Meryl and I travelled all the way to Westgate to meet the Lee Family for lunch, and to attend the Sulwahsoo 1st Anniversary Party. During the event, there was a LIVE demonstration on using their products.

I got a trial kit of SNOWISE Brightening UV Protector Kit in both 'Soft Glow' and 'Soft Peach' shades. What I like best is the exclusive gift from Sulwhasoo. Isn't this power battery bank in the shape of Sulwhasoo's best-selling BB Cushion series cool?? It looked classy in black, and I love it very much!

After the event, we went for lunch at Sticky Wings which is located at Westgate too. Meryl and I took a selfie while queuing up in the line to place our order.

I end my post with 2 photos which feature the 'left home for event' and 'reached home from event' look. My hair was messy after being outside for more than 5 hours in a hot & humid weather. The difference is so obvious, but that's life when one stays in sunny Singapore!

Excel Cosmetics is finally in Singapore, and I was glad to be invited to their official launch. I received a goodie bag from Excel which consist of a set of 5 unicorn brushes and a creamy eyeshadow with a small glittery clear pouch! 

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