Thursday, March 17, 2016

[random] Jess Baby's corner

I am so happy to see Collar again, and I simply adore this big size guy! He looks like an adult, but in reality he is still a puppy! As the tender age of 5 months old, he’s already built like a guard dog! 


We had our dinner at Eagle's Nest Restaurant which is located at Kelab Golf Negara Subang (KGNS). It was a  delightful dinner and we were only here in KL for a night as we drove up on the Saturday late morning. We left KL on the Sunday afternoon.


Happy 65th Birthday, Uncle Mike!

Although we only stayed a night, I still had my shopping desire fulfilled all thanks to the latest mall, Da:Men in USJ. I had to also restrict myself from spending too much as I am heading on a shopping spree trip in a few days time! Not too worry, this restriction will not apply to where I am heading and I will definitely make time to explore the city and enjoy the delicacies there too.

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I am sick of my lengthy fringe and long hair, so I visited REDS SALON to fix my tresses. I had 3 inches of hair snipped off with more layers and my fringe was nicely trimmed too. I like my new look, as it makes me look fresher as compared to my old dull long hair. I am happy that I am all ready for my 2-week trip!

I received some gifts/snacks from Kelly (colleague) who just came back from Shanghai a couple of weeks ago.

I end my post with my random weekday dinner at Centrepoint. Baby and I settled at Desa Kartika Indonesia Restaurant. We had a decent meal but we came to the conclusion that we are not returning to this eatery place anymore as the damage was over-rated and it was not worth the food taste. In short, 'Thumbs Down'

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