Thursday, March 24, 2016

Singapore Bus Carnival + random eats

I had a trip down memory lane with the inaugural bus carnival. The Singapore Bus Carnival is celebrating a milestone by bringing to the public, a glimpse back in the past, as well as a sneak peek on what tis o come in the near future!

At the carnival, we joined in some fun activities whereby we were given bus tickets to fold into heart shaped origami! This was a favorite childhood habit of mine back then during bus rides.

During the 1980s, bus conductors were phased out and each passenger paid for his/her bus fare by insertion of a fare-card into the automated fare-paying machine upon boarding the bus.


 We tried the new concept double-decker buses which featured 3 doors and 2 stairways! I love the USB charging point which is available at every seat!

I was so happy to relive all the lovely good memories!
Baby and I were back to Som Tam once again, and we repeated some of our routine orders like Tom Yum Koong and Deep Fried Chicken with Creamy Salted Egg.

This time, we ordered a plate of Fried Tang Hoon with Seafood which comes with Som Tam (Papaya Salad).

The dinner damage was SGD44, and thanks for the dinner treat, Baby!

I end my post with a random Friday dinner at Xin Wang, HarbourFront Centre. I love the Borsch Soup and the Fried Spring Rolls.
The damage was SGD38, and this was my little treat to welcome the weekend.

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