Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[opening event] Times Waterway Point

Established in 1978, Times is a home-grown book retailer have introduced their biggest and newest concept bookstore in Singapore at Waterway Point! It is the newest mall located at the heartlands of Punggol. I am glad to be invited to their official opening party. Congratulatons, Times!

The setting of the bookstore adopts a cheerful orange palette which are complemented by warm brown hues of wood structuring and trimmings which gives the bookstore a cosy vibe for patrons. Apart from the setting, the bookstore allows parents to spend quality time with their children by bonding over a line-up of exciting activities and workshop that are available at the bookstore!

The newly opened Times bookstore fulfilled the promise of being more than a bookstore as it caters to the varied lifestyle needs of consumers, especially children and families.


Tin Tin Adventure Books are displayed and stored in a Tin Tin Rocket bookshelf. I love this creation, and I believe the children will love it too.

One key highlight of new Times at Waterway Point is the children's section - Times Junior. It features not only educational books, activity books and educational toys for the young, but also offers a conductive and fun area within for the children to read and interact with other children.

Another prominent facet of this store is the lifestyle section which can be converted into a dedicated space for workshops and other educational classes. The upcoming events/activities planned include children story-telling, financial workshops, cooking demonstrations and arts & Craft sessions.

Times Bookstore has a small area that offers Nila Aromatherapy Oils as well as candles and diffusers for home use.

I got to try out the aroma oils and was also given a complimentary bottle of Roll-on Essence for us to bring home. It helps me to reduce stress and to relieve tension, and lastly helps me to to sleep better at night!

Thanks for having us at the official opening!

For more information, check out Times official website -