Sunday, August 5, 2012

Movie screening of Hysteria

I won a pair of movie tickets for 'Hysteria' and the screening fell on a mid week, it is definitely a nice way to welcome the forthcoming weekend, indeed!

~ Posters of 'Hysteria' ~

 A romantic comedy based on a true story of how Dr. Mortimer Granville invented his world’s first electromechanical vibrator that changed 19th century ideas of women’s sexuality and medical procedures.

In London 1880, Dr. Mortimer Granville (starring Hugh Dancy) found a position with Dr. Robert Dalrymple (played by Jonathan Pryce), a highly respected and successful doctor with a popular private practice in treating women diagnosed with Hysteria. Dr. Robert Dalrymple sees highly in Dr. Mortimer Granville as a perfect person to continue his business in the future, and finds that he is also a right suitor for his beloved daughter, Emily (starring Felicity Jones). She is a lady with a lovely face, demure manner, artistic and intellectual accomplishments. However his elder daughter, Charlotte (played by Maggi Gyllenhaal) loves to argue passionately for women’s rights to be educated and live independent lives. Her passion secretly excites Dr. Mortimer Granville, though he was shocked by Charlotte’s true nature and lack of propriety, but he feels the closeness with her firm belief to help the needing.

In the movie, as Dr. Mortimer Granville was pretty new towards the practice of Hysteria, so Dr. Robert Dalrymple guides him through the whole procedure when he performs the manual stimulation on a woman, and there is no nudity only moaning from the woman when she reaches her climax.


In ancient times, the first mechanical stimulator for women was invented under the name of medical science as a form of treatment tool, but in our present life, the vibrators has been widely used as a pleasure tool in sexuality. I especially loved the 10mins of credits after the film ended which was about the transformation of vibrators throughout the years. The movie was pretty entertaining. It was definitely a surprising truth of how the first electromechanical vibrator was invented by Dr. Mortimer Granville.

I had the pleasure of watching the movie screening all thanks to Golden Village Pictures.
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