Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kko Kko Nara, the true taste of Korea

Baby introduced me to this authentic Korean eatery place, KKO KKO NARA two years ago, and till now, it is still one of my favourite food haunt for a Korean fix. The only down side is the bad ventilation. This eatery place is always very crowded during dinner time and it is pretty hard to get a seat without making reservations...

One thing I like about unique Korean Cuisine is the banchan (side dishes) and they can be refilled.

We ordered the signature and must-order dish - Korean Fried Chicken. There’s a few variety to choose from, in the end we picked Special Garlic Fried Chicken Wings. 

This dish was pretty pricey, and we paid SGD15, seriously WTF, but it holds its name well as the signature dish of KKO KKO NARA... It tasted REALLY AWESOME!

Baby had the Kimchi Jungol with Pork. The soup is not spicy and it tasted pretty tasty.

Baby also had a Rice Bento and it comes in stainless steel container.

I had Spicy Korean Ramen, and it tasted average = Nothing to shout about...

We had a yummy meal and the damage was pretty steep as we paid SGD40 for our lunchie... No doubt KKO KKO NARA's charges is at the high side but I think I will be back again as it offers true blue taste of Korean Cuisine.

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