Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend brunch at The Rail Mall

Epicurious Cafe voted Best Breakfast in Singapore by Time Out Singapore, and they have always been well known for their weekend brunch.

Sweet Salty Spicy (SSS) is a Thai eatery that offers a wide variety of Thai delights in a casual dining area. 

Both eatery places are located at The Rail Mall and they operate under the same management and a joint space. Diners get the benefit to mix and match their food orders (Thai and Western) served by Sweet Salty Spicy and Cafe Epicurious respectively.

We were free to sit at either restaurant and order our food. There are no walls separating the two restaurants, but however the bar-counter acts as a partition for them.

Jess Baby without make-up and false eye-lashes... Argh! I look plain and cui :(

The eatery place is pretty small, a view of the entire restaurant at one glance. The walls are painted in red and adnorned with photo frames and mirrors.

The interior is simple yet cozy and it gives a homely and laid-back feeling.

We ordered the Hot and Sour Soup, and it has a right balance of sour and spicy. The soup is light and delectable.

I had Pad Thai, no doubt the noodles tasted flavorful, but not the best I have ever tasted. The chicken was tender and succulent and it was topped with generous amount of bean sprouts and tofu. My Pad Thai was served with chilli powder and nuts separate.

Baby had Fried Rice with Chicken and Pork and the damage was SGD39.

Both Epicurious Cafe and Sweet Salty Spicy (SSS) provide a cozy atmosphere to catch up with friends and laze the day away. If you have craving for the delectable brunch fare, this place is highly recommended but the serving of food is pretty slow, so do have a little patience. It is definitely a perfect spot for a lazy afternoon meal/brunch.

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