Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two's A Company & Four's A Party" at The Manhattan FISH MARKET

The Manhattan FISH MARKET has a firm belief that dining alone has never been fun for anybody, therefore they are giving their ardent fans a delicious reason to dine at any of its outlets with their friends and family in pairs or in fours promotions. Take-away is also available too, as nothing can compare to the comfort and warmth of having their meals in their own premises (homes).

From now to 2 September 2012, diners may choose to dine for two or four comprising of a choice of any of the five sumptuous platters – Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter, Grilled Gala Platter, Giant Fried Platter, Oceania Platter or Grilled Flaming Lobster Platter - which includes a FREE Garden Salad (worth SGD6.50) and up to 4 Soup Of The Day (worth SGD15.60).

For two, diners may select any platter of their choice and be treated to a FREE Garden Salad and two servings of Soup Of The Day (light). For a group of four, diners may order a platter of their choice, a flavourful Mediterranean Baked Fish and receive a Garden Salad and four servings of Soup Of The Day (light) for FREE. In addition, when diners order a feast for two or four, they get 50% off selected Starters and 1-for-1 mocktails, including the Groovy Ruby. Now that’s superb value!

Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter

The most popular platter at The Manhattan FISH MARKET, served in a pan filled to the brim with seafood, chips, rice and vegetables. Created for the pleasure of two, the platter serves up generous portions of deep fried fish dipped in a special light flour batter for exceptional crispiness, juicy oysters, calamari rings, broccoli and carrots and The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s unique Manhattan Flaming Prawns with Cajun-spiced fries on a bed of garlic herb rice. The prawns are brought to full flavour when the server flames the prawns with a blowtorch at the table.

o SGD35.90 for two (save SGD14.30)
o SGD50.80 for four (save SGD22.10)

Grilled Gala Platter

Perfect for discerning diners who prefer a grilled seafood treat. Succulent fish fillet, tiger prawns and calamari grilled to perfection with their signature Garlic Herb Mussels, served alongside Garlic Herb Rice and chips with broccoli and carrots.

o SGD35.90 for two (save SGD14.30)

o SGD50.80 for four (save SGD22.10)

Giant Fried Platter

 A crunchy combination of fried delights, sure to please and satisfy all at once. Dig into a scrumptious mix of fried fish nuggets, shrimps, calamari, and Fried Country Mushroom, served with Garlic Herb Rice and Chips with broccoli and carrots.

o SGD42.90 for two (save SGD14.30)

o SGD57.80 for four (save SGD22.10)

Oceania Platter

 For the seafood lovers, come feast on the Oceania Platter, a complete seafood platter which consists of a whole Barramundi fish, deep fried and drizzled with special Louisiana sauce. Served with Manhattan Flaming Prawns, Louisiana Mussels and Crispy Whitebait, as well as Garlic Herb Rice, Chips, broccoli and carrots.

o SGD42.90 for two (save SGD14.30)

o SGD57.80 for four (save SGD22.10)

Grilled Flaming Lobster Platter

Indulge in this ultimate platter, a tantalizing combination of a whole lobster, grilled and flamed to full flavour at your table, Fried Calamari, Garlic Herb Mussels and juicy fried fish nuggets served with Garlic Herb Rice, Chips, broccoli and carrots.

o SGD52.90 for two (save SGD14.30)

o SGD67.80 for four (save SGD22.10)


Complete your meal with side dishes at The Manhattan FISH MARKET, whet your appetite with mouth-watering array of starters. Diners who order our feast for two or four get to enjoy a special 50% discount off the prices of the following starter dishes:

Fried Calamari – a hit with diners where crunchy and crispy calamari is served on a bed of garden fresh salad served with zesty Chili Vinaigrette (usual price SGD9.90)

Country Fried Mushroom – Coated in a special light flour batter for exceptional crispiness and deep fried to perfection, this country fried mushroom is most flavourful when dipped into Cajun Mustard Honey, served on the side. Every button mushroom is lovingly chosen for its freshness and perfect bite-size. (usual price SGD7.90)

Quad Delights – a smorgasbord of Fried Calamari, Fried Country Mushrooms, fried shrimps and Coleslaw with Raisins to whet your appetite (usual price SGD12.90)

Crispy Whitebait – Whitebait deep fried into a crisp tops a mound of the crunchy coleslaw. The full flavour of this dish explodes in the mouth when the warm whitebait and crunchy coleslaw are eaten together one mouthful at a time. (usual price SGD6.90)

Specially concocted for this promotion, dinners who order the feast for two or four will be treated to specially-created cocktail to quench their thirst. Enjoy a one-for-one offer on the Groovy Ruby (SGD4.90), an icy cold mocktail of rose syrup and Sprite, topped with vanilla ice cream to lift one’s spirit especially after a long day. Also on a one-for-one offer are the other mocktails such as Tropical Breeze, Gummy Bear and Cala Cala (SGD4.90 each)

This terrific offer is running till 02 Sept 2012. so hurry down to The Manhattan FISH MARKET and enjoy the yummy-licious and smashing treats from dine for two or four promotions.

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