Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Food Review : Ju Dian

I was at Smith Street last week for a food tasting session and now I am sharing with you another eating place located within the Chinatown area CBD district that offers a wide selection of mouth delicious mainland dishes...

The food haunt for my food tasting, JU DIAN

Upon entering the eatery place, the various pictures and posters on the wall which showcased various pop cultures from USA caught my attention. It was probably a subtle hint from the owner, Mr William Sun to attract tourists as well as the locals.

JU DIAN also offers wines and beers too as it closes everyday at 2am in the morning... Night people will have another supper and drink hideout to chat and chill all night long.

Most of the Sichuan food are popular home-style dishes, and they bear unique characteristics of being simple and fresh. I personally have a soft spot for the street-dish snack, Fragrant Skewers.

Some popular yet affordable skewers can be found in JU DIAN, such as Lamb Kebabs, Chicken Wings and my all time favorite, Taiwanese Sausages which cost SGD1 for each skewer.

Sichuan cuisine poses a great influence in China. When people think of Sichuan food - the first thing that comes to mind: hot flavor and distinctive seasoning. YES, Sichuan food pays a lot of attention to its flavor, seasoning and taste.

Broccoli wth Mixed Vegetables, a perfect dish for health-conscious diners. It tasted good and I simply can't get enough of it.

Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken Dices

Sweet and Sour 'Song Shu' Fish, this is the signature dish in JU DIAN, the gravy perks up my appetite and the fish is fresh and tasted fabulous, The bonus thing about this dish is that it is BONELESS, a great dish for young children and elders...

Fried Beef Rice

Fried Seafood Noodles was pretty delicious with a good balance of seasoning and flavoring, but slight oily to my taste buds.

I was skeptical at first as the original mainland Chinese food is very spicy and salty but to my delight the food which was served had been done to cater to local tastes. Overall, the food taste pretty good to worth a return visit and I will recommend this eatery place to my friends and colleagues.

We ended our food tasting @ JU DIAN with our group photo with William Sun...

Drop by JU DIAN and discover the best locals and western delights...

Address: 14 Smith Street, Singapore 058928
Tel: 6222 5166
Opens daily, 11am – 2am

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