Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vacation: Getting around in Melaka

Exploring the Quayside Heritage Centre in Melaka which is located pretty near to Jonker Street.
Melaka River Pirate Park is one of the latest attractions which is located along the Quayside and it looks like an old-school day theme park (mini UK funfair)

The theme park featured a Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship, Haunted Castle and etc... 

Lovely morning quayside view (a short walk from the hotel I was staying) 
OM!! What a big pirate ship??
We were at Dataran Quayside, and I shall let the photos do the talking then...



Melaka River was literally once mentioned as the ‘Venice of the East’ 

The river cruise is probably one of the nicest experiences on the river. We decided to go for the cruise at sunset when the weather was much cooler, but more importantly was that we can see the building, bridges and their murals both in daylight and when illuminated at night.

Each cruise ticket cost RM15 

The approximate touring time for Melaka River Cruise is about 45 minutes (9 KM) and the cruise departs from Quayside Heritage Centre. An interesting and unique river cruise not to be missed by any visitors while in Malacca.
River Cruise past by the Kampung Morten, past Malacca town and the settlements and bridges along the riverbank, and the feeling of looking back at the past history was wonderful...

The cruise boat brought us under many famous and significant bridges that had important functions in the old days. The ride was delightful but the water was rather filthy.

A must-see on the cruise is Kampung Morten, a living museum showcasing a village that has been around for centuries...

 An interesting and unique river cruise not to be missed by any visitors while in Malacca...

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka is located in the middle of the World Heritage Site Melaka, and it is pretty near to Jonker Walk.

I have a vast of collection of the HRC shot glass all over the world. and of course, without a doubt, I picked up a shot glass that feature HRC Melaka from the Rock Shop...
Fabulous river location!! It was lovely to feel the sea breeze and night view while chilling/dining at the premise.  

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