Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vacation: Getting around Hong Kong + loots

Good Morning, Hong Kong!!
Though it was quite chilling (Temp: +18C) outside in Hong Kong but I still want to flaunt my slender legs... Hahaha!! Therefore I wore a spag top with a wool cardigan and a pair of shorts together with a pair of long socks and high boots... All these completed my day outing in Hong Kong, and I headed off to Wan Chai district for some sight-seeing as it was pretty near to the hotel where I was staying.
We went to the Golden Bauhinia Square for some morning breeze (the air was very fresh). It is a landmark made to commemorate the handing over of Hong Kong to China from British colonization rule.
  The Golden Bauhinia Square is located at the waterfront of the Victoria Harbour in the Wan Chai district. It consists of an open area with a large statue of a blooming golden bauhinia and flag posts of the Hong Kong and China. The Golden Bauhinia statue was built to symbolize the handing over of Hong Kong from British rule back to China. This happened on July 1st 1997, after over 150 years of British rule.

The bauhinia flower is a symbol of harmony to the Chinese.

Victoria Harbour in the Wan Chai district
We were cam-whoring at the waterfront of the Victoria Harbour
 '香港回归祖国纪念碑' was inscribed on teh landmark by former chairman of the Central Government, Jiang Zemin. Though Hong Kong is now back to China’s hands but the way of life shall remain unchanged for fifty years.

Next Stop: Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)
Harbour City is the largest shopping mall (2 million square feet) in Hong Kong, boasting over 700 shops and 50 food outlets. It comprises four parts: Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, Ocean Terminal, Ocean Centre and the Gateway. It is the one of the most famous shopping districts in Hong Kong as many tourists regard it as a must visit attraction and it is located in Tsim Sha Tsui

Maritime Square is a 4-storey shopping centre located on Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong. The theme of this mall is about maritime, so it is decorated as a big cruise ship, with sails and tropical decorations with over 200 shops and restaurants.

 Nice harbour view from the Maritime Square shopping mall.
Next stop: Tung Chung Citygate Outlets and it’s time for hauling some branded goods at an affordable price.

I came across this shop (Doilies) by chance, it is located at Jardine’s Cresent (MTR: Causeway Bay). All items in the shop are retailed for one single price tag which is HKD38 (SGD6). You can find exquisite handicraft items, unique kitchenware, household products and even souvenirs.

I picked up the storage box and some misc stuffs there...

The storage box is worth my SGD6 spent!! It is huge and can keep my socks and maybe undies... Hahahaha!!

I can lock my placed items safely in the storage case via velco...

Here are some of loots from Hong Kong... **Happy Hauling**

Beauty loots from Jill Stuart  

Skincare loots from DHC
Baby Raffle from Tommee Tippee for my nephew, Hayden
A special creation Easter Egg from M&M from Mannings (Guardian for Singapore)


 Lastly, a bottle of shower gel featuring Toy Story's Character, Jessie, the cowgirl... I picked up this shower gel mainly because I am Jessie too... Hahahaha!!

  My whole shopping experience in Hong Kong was awesome. Oh well, shopping in HKG does cost a little more if you are visiting the boutiques or high-end shopping malls, but I think it is all worth it as fashion trends in HKG is way faster as compared to our country, Singapore, and this means I will be the first few people to own the stuffs before everyone gets it.

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