Wednesday, April 17, 2013

(Vacation) Shopping in Malacca

Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall is the largest shopping centre in Malacca City of Malacca State. It opened its doors for business in 2007. This mall offers a mixture of high-end and middle class shopping for all-age people which including bags, shoes, electronic goods, watches, clothes and even food entrees.
Jelly Bunny offers a lot of designs, styles and eye-candy colors in the store and all their foot-wear are made of PVC plastic, and they are WATER RESISTANT!! Hahaha… 

Jelly Bunny gives me that HIGH vibe, as it focuses on classic, retro and vintage-retro trends. Jelly Bunny foot-wears are perfect for all generations!  

Recently, I just owned a pair of Jelly Bunny Shoes, which I bought during my trip to Melaka, and I can say I really love them. I love the beige color and it is designed to be soft and flexible (bye bye to blisters). They are made of soft PVC material which is perfect for long walks, and the one thing that is fancy about them is that they are scented (smell like jelly beans)

The prices are affordable and comfortable for our pockets. YAY!! I paid RM29 (SGD11-ish) for my selected pair of rubber scented shoes...

Mahkota Parade is the first regional  shopping centre located in the commercial and tourist centre situated in the heart of Melaka town. 
I picked up 3 eye-shadows from Nature Republic as they are having 30-50% in discount store, and I paid RM34 (SGD13-ish) in total, that makes it about SGD4-ish per color.

Oh ya, and I will never forget to pick up some souvenirs before leaving Melaka, World Heritage City…

Jonker Walk World Heritage Park is a mini park located next to Jonker 88, from the outside it does look like a museum or some tourists attraction as we spotted some statues and description notice boards of the past, but we were disappointed when we entered the park, it was just a place for people to rest and take a break as stone chairs are available there.
Jonker Walk looks very much different during the day and in the night and it is A-MUST visit in Malacca. Oh well, It is not a complete visit to Malacca without a tour to Jonker's Street

Jonker Street is a MUST-GO place for all visitors. The street turns into a bazaar at night, the crowd was horrendous on weekends (Fri-Sun). You can find assorted souvenirs, bags, tee-shirts, hair accessories and even hats in this night bazaar.  

  Below were some of my loots I picked up from Jonker Street…  


It was a pretty short trip to Malacca, and I will come back again in the near future for more food indulgence and affordable shopping… 

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