Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An evening of Domestic Fun with LG

Life Made Easier with LG Home Appliances
Home Appliances from LG are equipped with high-performance technologies and resource-saving features that provide smart ways to bring convenience while ensuring a healthy lifestyle for consumers.

I attended an event of LG's recently to experience LG’s latest home appliances, and the venue was at the Asian Food Channel Cooking Studio which is located at Orchard Centre, lvl 7.

My friends and I were enjoying the light-hearted activities and looking around the showcasing of the LG's range of home appliances...

We had some canapés and TWG gourmet tea before we began our cooking segment.

AFC studio's kitchen...

I was pretty much looking forward to the hands-on appetizer and dessert session led by Ms Wendy from Asian Food Channel (AFC).
The basic ingredients for our dessert making...

We used the latest LG microwave oven to heat up the Mango Puree and the Gelatin Sheet...
The microwave oven is simple-to-use and is fast-heating and this top-notch technology really shortens our time consumption and it really brings convenience to us… Oh well, what to do? This is really important as we are living in a fast-paced country…

Next, we mixed the whipped cream with the mango puree and melted gelatin sheet...

Our completed dessert, Mango Mousse Parfait


The basic ingredients for our Korean appetizer...

Thin Buckwheat Noodles, Lettuce Leaves, Red Leaf Cabbage, Kimchi, Cucumbers, Carrots...
Gochujang (spicy, slightly sweet, dark red fermented chili paste) and an egg...
Sauces (Rice vinegar, soy sauce, honey, brown sugar, Korean sesame oil) to mix with the Gochujang
Diced/sliced the veggies...
We cooked the egg using the microwave oven...
Lastly, poured the seasoned Gochujang on the Buckwheat Noodles together with the cut veggies and the cooked egg.

Chilled it in the fridge before serving...

Garnished with Roasted Sesame Seeds...

Our completed Korean appetizer, Bibim Naengmyeon-Korean Spicy Cold Noodles...

I love how LG's unique core technologies have materialized into high performance and resource-saving products that bring us a convenient and healthy life...
There was an introduction and briefing session on the latest home appliances by LG.
Life Made Easy With LG Washing Machines

Moving away from conventional brush and belt motors, LG has developed one of the most durable, quiet and economical motors - Inverter Direct Drive. LG washing machines comes with a 10-year warranty for its inverter direct drive motor.
For both the top and front loading machines. they are equipped with a premium feature, 6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive.
6 Motion is an innovation washing technology based on LG Inverter Direct Drive motor that emulates real hand washing for the best washing performance. It is tough on stains and detergent residue, but gentle on fabrics and our hands.
Steam washing not only eliminates allergens but also provides better penetration into the fabrics for thorough removal of dirt and stubborn stains. Different stains wash better at different temperature. LG’s steam function increases temperature step by step, ensuring enough time to remove stains for a complete wash.
LG Dryers have an Electrode Senor that reads the actual wetness of clothes and sets the optimum drying time and temperature to give us a perfect drying performance. With the condensing drying system, it is gentler than conventional ventilation dryers.
 The LG Front Load Washing Machine (WD-1279RDS7) is retailing at SGD3,199.00
The LG Inverter Direct Drive is now available in the top load washing machines. The motor is attached directly to the washing drum, and this gives a more stable, less vibrating and provides higher energy saving. With fewer parts, it gives us less hassle and less noise.
6 Motion also ensures the clothes get the exact care they need for the perfect clean and with the right amount of gentle-ness and firmly deals with the stubborn stains and heavy fabrics.
The latest LG i-Sensor technology helps to minimize allergy problems and the LG’s Smart Cleaning function gets rid up to 99.9% of detergent residue.
The LG Top Load Washing Machine (WFT1261DD) is retailing at SGD1,199.00
Both washing machines are available at Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store and other LG authorised resellers. 
Make Cleaning Effortless with LG Dishwasher
A dishwasher is often perceived to consume more water than washing dishes under a running tap. LG Clarus 1 Dishwasher has one of the lowest water rating and is one of the quietest dishwashers in the market. 
 Dishwashing is made convenient with TrueSteam that provides superior cleaning in 3-step with Steam Power, Steam Care and Steam Dual Spray, effectively removing tough stains and the hassle of pre-washing, making it more hygienic than hand washing.

I love the LG’s unique Smart Rack system as it allows us to store or place of bowls, plates or even pots and pans easily by adjusting the tines for flexible loading after wash.    
The LG Clarus 1 dishwasher (D1454TF) is retailing at SGD1,799.00 at Harvey Norman.

  Enjoy Good Taste with LG Microwave Ovens
LG’s microwave technology is designed with the latest lightwave technology and Charcoal Lighting Heater. The food can be heated healthier, fuss-free and with multi-level cooking capabilities, allowing it to retain its natural flavors and goodness.
An LG Microwave oven (MJ3281BC) is retailing at SGD$599.00 at Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store and other LG authorised resellers.
 Eat Fresh with LG Refrigerators
The LG GR-J237AGXV is a Side by Side refrigerator that will fit elegantly in stylish kitchens with its motif designed model that comes with practical and handy features such as the Door-in-Door. Door-in-Door provides convenient access to the home bar within the refrigerator. Maximizing usage of the home bar reduces up to 50% cold air as compared to when opening the main refrigerator door thus reducing energy consumption.
The customizable storage shelving means users can reconfigure the shelves to easily fit their large sized pots and birthday cakes when needed. The LED lighting provides a brighter view while reducing energy consumption that saves cost.
Maintaining freshness and shelf life of food is the primary function of a refrigerator. LG Hygiene Fresh feature is the ideal solution for refrigerator hygiene and deodorization. Food and beverages are kept fresher longer with a 4-Step filtering system that removes dust, fungi spore, bacteria and odor.
For more information about LG Home Appliances, please visit www.lg.com/sg/appliances

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