Recently, I was introduced to EUMORA's 3-minute Miracle Facial Bar Soap which has sold at least a million in numbers in over 60 various countries. It is formulated and 100% imported from Europe. It is also suitable for everyday use and for all skin types.
EUMORA believes in a natural vegan concept, and does not condone animal testing. It contains a key ingredient, Moor, which is an antiseptic for people who suffer from acne or the occasional blemish issue. It is also hypoallergenic! The soap bar delivers sufficient moisture and also a great solution for anti-aging too.

I generally use the facial soap bar as part of my morning and evening beauty regime. The first step is to wet my face, and to lather the bar in my hands before application. After 3 minutes, I rinse it all off. Thankfully, I do not feel any tightness after application!
To be honest, I am pretty skeptical about using the traditional facial bar soap as I am afraid that the soap bar might strip away my skin's moisture, or be too harsh for my complexion. I was pleasantly amazed by the results as it cleansed well and easy to use!
 The end results have my face feeling brighter, radiant and with no traces of dryness at all. I also realised that my clogged pores have been significantly reduced! 
For more details on EUMORA Facial Soap Bar, do drop them a line at ask-eumora@gmail.com
Hope you will enjoy the soap bar as much as I do!


We are offering the Eumora Classic Facial Bar (1 Box) at a massively discounted price of USD 75 (Usual Price USD 150).

3 Minutes Is All It Takes To Look Younger!

The only skin health facial bar that heals All Skin Types.

Save Money on skincare, botox, laser and collagen injection.

Your All In-One Beauty Treatment! You stand to lose acne, wrinkles, lines, freckles, pimples, dull skin, white head, black head, eye bags, big pores, age spots, sagging skin, dark circles, pigmentation and scars.

If you don't get your Eumora bar right now, you may never see this offer again... Ever!

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