Thursday, July 7, 2016

[#OrioleTalk] Coffee tasting + afternoon tea at Oriole Coffee

Oriole Coffee was founded in 2008, and they recently set up their second outlet at the Capitol Piazza.

My clique and I signed up for #OrioleTalk - Coffee Tasting Session at this very same outlet at the Capitol Piazza. The session was lead by a very nice man, Mr Casey Blanche, who is a Master Roaster.

We were the first few people who got to try out 4 new different coffee flavors which they are intending to launch. Apart from the sampling, we also learnt on how to taste the difference types of coffee, as well as getting a brief historical rundown on coffee lore!

The session lasted for about 45 minutes, and we stayed on for afternoon tea after the session ended!

I love the Waffles Mi'so very much! As the name implies, this dessert combines soft slices of waffles, vanilla ice-cream, crunchy white chocolates coated pecans as toppings with a Miso/Caramel dipping sauce! 

The sauce as not overpowering, but tasted very unique! I personally felt that it went very well with the waffles.

Waffles Mi'so is highly recommended!

We also ordered White Chocolate Yuzu Cheese Cake to share among us.

There was a 20% discount rendered to us as an appreciation of attending the coffee tasting session. The damage was only SGD18.

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