Afternoon tea at Happenstance Café + Imprompt dinner at Overeasy Orchard

It's has been a long hiatus since Coco last visited a dog café, so I suggested to make a visit to Happenstance Café which is located at Opal Crescent.

Happenstance Café is a pet friendly café, and we are happy to bring Coco along for afternoon tea with us on a random weekend.

We ordered a 'create your own waffles' and this was accompanied by 2 different types of teas! I was surprised that the waffles tasted better as compared to our previous visit last year.

We also ordered some brown rice with carrots and broccoli for Coco too.

Jasmine, Ryden and I fixed an impromptu dinner at OverEasy Orchard. Meryl was not on duty that day, so she was around in Singapore to join us too.

Overeasy is an American-style casual café which is located at Liat Towers. The exact location is actually at where the now defunct fast food joint Wendy's used to be.  

We went for the 1-1 Beer Happy Hour promotion, and it was a nice way to chill out with good friends over a nice dinner chat.

We ordered quite a number of dishes/entrées to share among us!

The Buffalo Wings were awesome! I savored every bit of them. It comes in 4 different spicy levels, hence if you think you have a stomach of steel, give the highest level a try!

We had the Breaded Wings on Waffles, and I felt that it was a pretty strange combination as they didn't get along with each other, so I ate them separately. However, Baby told me that this is a common dish in United States, in Louisiana, amongst Afro-Americans especially. I guess I learn something new everyday!

We also had the All-day Diner Breakfast which was a standard breakfast platter with eggs, toasts, hash browns, sausages and bacon strips. It was tasty and I enjoyed this platter very much.

Another favorite entrée of mine was the Spicy Linguine with Prawns, Chilli and Garlic. The Chef nailed it perfectly and the paste was al dente. Each mouthful of the pasta tasted divine.

The damage was pretty hefty as each of us paid SGD40. Oh well, the food and ambience compensated for the price tag. Thanks for their companionship, and I love my clique!

I end my post with a photo of what I did for the public holiday! I was at East Coast Park for a walk, and nothing beats spending quality time with my loved ones!


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