Tuesday, July 12, 2016

[tasting session] Horizon Bistronomy

Horizon Bistronomy has 2 outlets in Singapore - Punggol and Alexandra, and recently, I attended a food tasting at their newest outlet at Alexandra, which was opened in December 2015.
Chef Chris of Horizon Bistronomy is inspired by great artisanal food, and he serves different food entrées as compared to the outlet in Punggol due to it being in a different location. I think the aim is to cater to a different group's taste too.

I went to the tasting with my Baby, as well as Jasmine and her cousin. At Horizon Bistronomy, French techniques are used to serve gastronomical dishes of a standard fine dining fare at an affordable damage.

During the session, we were served a variety with a range of food, which were, starters/appetisers, main courses and lastly, desserts.

(HERTIAGE) Curry chicken Rillettes
sakura shrimps, rillettes, thai basil pesto, curry leaves and brioche 
According the Chef, curry chicken has become a comfort food for fellow Singaporeans. It tasted pretty good and addictive but the portion I felt was too little.

CONSISTENCY - Horizon's Angel Hair (SGD9.90)
chilled angel hair, spanner crab, tobiko, ikura and chorizo oil
It is the top favorite dish among the diners' choice, and I liked it too! In my own opinion, I felt that the truffle oil was too little as the aroma was not strong when the dish was served to our table.

SIMPLICITY - Egg 63 (SGD8.90)
sous vide egg, potato purée, enoki mushroom, threads, lardons, cous cous, herb jus

How to eat this egg dish:
Pour the sauce on the half-cooked egg, then gently slit the egg open for egg yolk flow out, and lastly mix everything together before eating.
Almost 80% of the ingredients can be purchased at any supermarket near you, and I felt that they nailed it pretty well, as it tasted flavorful and addictive. The crispy fried enoki mushroom enhanced the dish as well.

In my personal opinion, I really wish that they can serve me some garlic bread to go with this awesome egg dish.

CLARIFICATION - Tomato Consommé (SGD14.90)
home cured salmon confit, prawn, peas, carrots, baby zucchini, tomato consommé

Over 8 hours was spent to prepare this simple entrée. The soup tasted flavorful although it looked so clear. It is a perfect entrée to whet your appetite before the main course.

FRESHNESS - Blanc (SGD28.90)
fresh halibut, cauliflower purée, daikon, cauliflower, burnt onion, white asparagus
I always believe in freshness of food, which plays an important role in cooking, and I felt blessed upon tasting the halibut, as it was so fresh and tasty. It complimented well with the cauliflower purée, so do not be deceived by the look of this dish even if the presentation looks bland.
TECHNICAL - Pork Belly 2 Ways (SGD27.90)
crispy pork belly confit, 24 hours sous vide pork, carrot purée, baby carrots, caramel apple, green asparagus, pork jus

This dish shows how versatile a Chef must be, and a great amount of effort was used, in addition to the different methods of cooking to make the dish look extraordinary. I personally prefer the 24 Hours Sous Vide Pork, as it was well braised, and the meat was tender and delicious.
Crispy Pork Belly Confit was the least less popular choice among us at the tasting session, as the meat was slightly hard and less flavorful as compared to the other dishes.


DECONSTRUCTION - Deconstructed Yuzu Cheese Cake (SGD10.90)
yuzu curd, whipped cheese mousse, truffle popcorn, green tea Nama, cinnamon soil
This was a pretty unique concept for a cheese cake as everyone will expect a proper slice of cheese cake! I suppose it was a fancy idea to separate the Yuzu cheese cake into individual ingredients. It tasted pretty good on the whole, although, I personally do not like the concept of deconstructing a dish as it kinda made the presentation looked unappealing.

RECONSTRUCTION - Peanut Butter 2016 (SGD10.90)
vanilla chiboust, beuure noisettes financied, apple purée, aged pickles Apple, chorizo caramel, brioche
An impressive creation to construct a dessert without using peanut butter as a ingredient but it was named as peanut butter 2016 simply because it bore the taste of peanut butter!
(DECEPTION) Orange Soba
cilantro pearls, lemongrass sabayon
 It is a very refreshing and superb creation, as it looked like a soba hot entrée. The 'soba noodles' tasted tangy sweet, and the overall taste is leaning towards to sour rather than sweet taste.
(MEMORIES) Milo Truffle, Kaya Macaroon, Mango Lollipop, Peach Pâté de Fruit
The different taste of this dessert left a pretty unforgettable memory for me. The plating was simple yet classy. .

A special dish was served to round up the whole tasting event. Thanks so much for the hospitality

My humble take for this whole food tasting: Although this is the second outlet after the successful flagship store at Punggol Settlement, but both outlets offer a different style of cooking methods/menu too. I had a pleasurable experience at the tasting session, as I felt a warm welcome and great effort from the team especially on each entrée that was served to us!
Horizon Bistronomy
Alexandra 456 Alexandra road NOL building, Singapore 119962
Opening Hours: Monday Friday: 11am - 11pm only
All price stated are exclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST.

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